In automotive industry A company's brand is its most important asset, a kind of quality guarantee. Car companies with a strong brand can easily add new customers and keep the existing ones loyal. Best car producers around the world are moving to more sustainable and innovation-oriented models. No wonder that for every new car they create a separate stunning-looking website. An auto dealer website will usually have very specific target audience, so its design, style and content will be focused around visitors' expectations. Where can you see brand new concept cars except at Frankfurt motor show, Tokyo motor show, or a top auto dealership? Now you can see them right from your home sofa and find all the information you need in several clicks. Concept car websites are very rich in visual elements: they often have screen-wide homepage videos, compelling graphics, flash animation, and at least several pictures per vehicle model. Tech designers and engineers, web developers, and automobile dealers know exactly what they need from their customers. It is not even their money in the firstplace, it is their attention and long-term emotional connection. When you're on the site or even after you leave, you will feel like you've attended a fancy motor show and found your new four-wheeled darling together with a new community of fellow admirers. Impressions like that bring revenues up. So, how can an auto dealer make sure that their next concept vehicle will become a market sensation? Killer automobile selling websites have: Well-chosen content management system (CMS) Cutting-edge spectacular design Carefully creafted content that aims directly at the hearts of a specific target audience Blog or newsletter subscription SEO-friendly code and content There are many trends in web-design that are a must for a good site, just to name a few: Stunning typography Parallax scrolling Open composition High-resolution original images Grid layouts Decorative graphic elements Rich, colorful backgrounds and patterns

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