Charitable Inquiries

PROGRAM SUMMARY Background The arc Thrift Stores, Lakewood,CO., a Colorado 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves as the fundraising arm of the ARC Units, which provide advocacy and support for children and adults with developmental disabilities. arc Thrift Stores has historically accepted vehicle donations since 1995 for themselves and several other non profits. Demand grew and in 2001, Vehicles for Charity (VFC) was established. This comprehensive vehicle donation program was developed and implemented to provide for prompt and professional disposition of vehicles donated to VFC. Our working agreements with carefully selected tow companies and auto auctions have contributed to the programs success. Expanding to Other Nonprofit Organizations Based on the success of the program, VFC has entered into partnerships with other nonprofit organizations to assist them in their fundraising efforts. Aside from promoting the program directly to its affiliates constituents, VFC handles all details of the vehicle donation process. The program is unusual in that all proceeds are returned to nonprofit organizations. One nonprofit organization helping another to generate much need funding has been the cornerstone of the affiliate program since its inception. The Goal of the Program VFC strives to provide: A simple donation process for vehicle donors. A low maintenance system for affiliates. A professional partnership-one nonprofit helping another. A productive program making your car donation program a money making asset. 24/7 access to operators able to answer questions and make donating efficient and fast. The Donation Process The process is quite simple and can usually be completed within five to ten days. The initial inquiry, in the form of a phone call or completion of our online donation form, takes only five to ten minutes. The donation is credited to the affiliate account. The donor is instructed to remove the license plates from the vehicle and sign the title prior to pick-up. Vehicle pick-up is scheduled with the tow company. Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it is either taken to an auction for sale or to an auto crusher for recycling purposes. A donation acknowledgement as well as a thank you letter is mailed within 30 days following the sale of the vehicle per IRS requirements (upon receipt of a negotiable title).
Vehicles Vehicles for Charity accepts automobiles, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, tractors, boats and trailers. Some vehicles are not accurately represented however, and will not sell at an auction. Those vehicles are delivered to an auto recycler or salvage company, either of which pays a set amount for the vehicle regardless of condition. It is important that you contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles in order to find out how to properly notify them that you have sold the vehicle and transfer liability. Partnership Specifics The partnership between VFC and its affiliates is designed to maximize the amount realized per donated vehicle. VFC will deduct for towing and auction fees only. VFC will never charge you for a processing fee, or for repairs or parts. You can never owe anything if a vehicle loses money VFC takes the loss. You are held harmless from any liabilities. VFC carries one million dollars of liability insurance. Each vehicle is inspected by the auction and occasionally repairs are performed in an effort to maximize sales proceeds. You never pay for repairs. Reporting Monthly activity reports are provided to VFC affiliates. These include Donor names and addresses Vehicle year, make and model Vehicle identification number Gross sale amounts Deductions (towing charges, auction sale fees, processing fees) Net sales Amount payable to Affiliate Organization Online access 24/7 Detailed report with monthly check After the sale of each vehicle, all documentation is placed in an archival file as a permanent record. All records are available during normal business hours. Vehicle Program Promotion Ongoing promotion of the program has proven to be a key to its success. Through its website, VFC provides a listing of all affiliates and links to their specific websites. In addition, each affiliate is strongly encouraged to actively promote and publicize the program to its constituents.
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