Free VIN Lookup

Free VIN Lookup

Have a VIN and don't know the Make/Model/Part? Please use this handy-dandy lookup search tool to find a more about your vehical.

How to find a VIN:

Auto makers today put a VIN in dozens of locations - door jam on driver's side; under front winhshield is usually viewable from exterior; insurance cards, titles, other paperwork.

What is a VIN Number?

A VIN (Vehical Identification Number) is a 17-digit number for a car - provided by manufactures to identify a vehical and its many parts. It was standard/required since 1981 and most earlier models had some form of a VIN.

Who is VIN?

Our Founder is Eric Vincent Melin - but don't call him "Vin" (!)

Why use a VIN?

AutoMaximizer asks its customers to shop-by-VIN - for your easy and convenience - in most cases we can avoid making mistakes on the make/model/year of your vehical. This can be useful in many situations.

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