For Investors


AutoMaximizer, Inc. is privately held by its Founders. We were Founded in 2018. Accredited Investors interested in Private Placement Opportunities & Angel Investment Opportunities can visit:  upon signing an NDA. 


VENTURE STAGE:  Early/Prototype

MARKET SIZE: $45 Billion in the USA. 

CLAIMS: There are 500,000+ Insurance Claims per year meaning the Automobile must be Re-Titled/Re-Sold if it is repaired. These include Flood Damage, Accidents, Fire, other claims covered by Insurance. 


CAPITALIZATION:  Venture Financing. No Debt. 

SEED CAPITAL: $500,000 Seed Capital from Angel Investors for Proof Of Concept. 

EXPANSION:  $30,000,000 Capital Raise for Expansion. 

ANGELS: to Request Presentation Materials.  

COMPETITORS:  Carvana, TrueAuto, CarMax.