The Mission Statement of AutoMaximizer is:


"To maximize the joy found during the car buying experience"


We believe this is more than a company tagline. Next to a home; buying a car is amongst the most researched of any single consumer purchase decision - typically consuming hundreds of hours - but one that is typically met with trepidation, annoyance, confusion, frustration, and skeptical...those who do not fall in the male 25-50 year old demographic are particularly vulnerable. In the '90s DELL Computers proved that the consumer does want to customize items at the POP (point of purchase). In 2020 and beyond, consumers will increasingly demand customizations throughout the supply chain of this a major life-time purchase. 


We don't sell used cars. We sell "Auto Maximization" - this means providing a customer exactly what he or she wants; at the exact time of a purchase decision:  New, Used, Factory Certified, Leased,  or Auctioned.   


Because of the expense of cars; the vast majority of buyers - are not new car buyers - but most buyers would prefer to buy autos that are fully customized to specific preferences. The purchase decision is usually made at the same time as a major financing decision - however, financing for customized or expensive specialty add-ons is often nearly impossible for buyers.  A buyer is left to wait to buy the $2000-$5000 rims/tuning/tires/accessories/upgrades/etc.      


This sucks the Joy out of an already complex purchase decision!  


AutoMaximizer is here to fix this.   

From a Credit Underwriting perspective; a $20,000 asset is not much different from a $22,000 asset; but Banks, Lenders, Credit Unions do not (yet) have formulas that allow for:  "Auto Maximization"


SOCIAL IMPACT:  AutoMaximizer will save millions of pounds of carbon emissions by assuring fewer automobiles need to be produced.  We have subscribed to a concept of "SCPC" Self-Cannibalizing Profit Structure - which assures that as our company grows an ever-larger portion of our net-income-as-percentage will be donated to nonprofits and those in need in our communities.