2.5K Dual Dash Cam, Built-In GPS Wifi, 1440P Dash Cam Front and inside with Infrared Night Vision, Dash Camera for Cars with Parking Mode,Loop Recording (D20S)


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📸【2.5K+1080P Dual Dash Cam】This dash camera for cars is your superior choice for Uber, Taxi, Lyft, Cab, Ride share, and must-has for family road trip! Dual dash cam front and inside, capture every details of the road front (170°, 2560*1440P) and passenger compartment (150°, 1920x1080P), which enables clear license plates, road signs and provides a super high-quality videos/images and powerful...

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  • 📸【2.5K+1080P Dual Dash Cam】This dash camera for cars is your superior choice for Uber, Taxi, Lyft, Cab, Ride share, and must-has for family road trip! Dual dash cam front and inside, capture every details of the road front (170°, 2560*1440P) and passenger compartment (150°, 1920x1080P), which enables clear license plates, road signs and provides a super high-quality videos/images and powerful evidence in case of an accident.
  • 🛰️【Looping Recording & Built-in GPS Dash Car Camera】COOAU D20S dash cam with GPS can display the speed and location of vehicle, you can view your driving route in Google Maps of the APP. This is a great option for Uber drivers because they can use it to prove themselves if they are convicted of a speeding violation or get into a traffic accident. The car dash cam front (2.5K) and inside(1080P) seamless loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest upon filling a card to capacity.
  • 💡【Infrared Night Vision Interior Car Camera】The internal camera features 4 IR LEDs and an F2.0 aperture to handle low-light conditions and ensure perfect video footage even when the cabin is dark. Uber drivers will no longer be bothered by difficult passengers at any time with this dash cam. The front dash camera and unique WDR video system automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video, allowing the front-facing camera to record rich colors and clear road content even at night.
  • 📲【Smart APP+ Shortcut Keys】D20S dash cam with wifi connects to the Ficam APP, you can view or share videos directly in the APP without a computer, you can also modify the camera settings through the APP. There are four shortcut keys on the bottom of the car camera, which make it easier to adjust the system settings of the recorder. D20S dash camera has upgraded recording shortcuts to set whether you want to record the sound of the car for your next video. It is easy to use, even for new users.
  • 📸【Upgraded Parking Mode】COOAU dash cam with parking mode, when a collision is detected, the car dash cam will automatically turn on and record everything that happens, when you start the car again, the dash cam will make a sound to remind you that parking monitoring has been triggered, so you won't miss any event that has suspicious behavior to your car, D20S dash camera distinguishes between parking and driving mode after the upgrade to avoid being misjudged during driving.
  • 💝【Multi-function Car Dash Camera】The dash camera for cars has added a lock screen function. Auto LCD off timer ensures you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on the car, and a flashing indicator light alerts you if the camera is recording normally, greatly reducing the impact of nighttime driving. Built-in super capacitors ensure stable camera operation in most climates: -4° to 158 °F (-20°C to 70 °C).
  • 🎁【Professional and Efficient After-sales Team】COOAU dash cam provides 24 months warranty and prompt response within 24 hours, you can solve your problem though us in the fastest way, and we will extend the warranty for you. Perfect dual dash camera for Uber, taxi, shared cars, Lyft, home and business people.

Product Description

Absolute True 2.5K (2560*1440P) High Quality Best Choice

The dash cams must perform two duties: 1. To protect drivers from accidents; 2. To exempt drivers from accident liability. Recording the driver's own actions has proven to be very important in determining liability for an accident. As an all-in-one car recorder that records both inside and outside the car, COOAU has been committed to meeting both needs at the same time.

COOAU D20S is an important point of dash cam - the resolution evolved to 2560*1440P+1920*1080P/30fps. In addition, the night vision experience has also been developed. The onboard camera has four IR lights, so you can clearly record night driving to the details. You can easily handle tunnels/bad weather, etc. with the WDR auto image correction feature. Day or night, as a car recorder, you can restore more realistic scenes with high picture quality.

Innovative Four-Megapixels

Adopt HD CMOS sensor, excellent imaging effect, let you be the witness, with clear picture quality to accurately reproduce the scene situation in the video, greatly improve the drive rate. Record accidents, keep in mind and have a good trip!

In addition, all recorded files are in MP4 format for easy processing, no need for special video playback software and easy video playback.

Cover 170° + 150° of Ultra-Wide Angle Recording

As a dash cam ultra-wide angle, it achieves a wide angle of 170° front camera and 150° car camera. The front camera ensures a wide view of up to 8 roads, even during rush hour when vehicles are prone to friction. The in-car camera covers a wide area behind and behind the car, and also captures the side of the car, so if you get hit from the side, you can record side accidents to some extent. You can capture a person jumping out, a bike, a vehicle cutting in, etc. and even more in an emergency.

Compatible with All Commercial and Private Vehicles

Suction cups can be rotated horizontally 360°, the compact body will not feel compressed. The built-in camera can be rotated up and down 60°, making it easy for you to adjust the best recording angle.

We expect to record the beautiful scenery along the way and the smiling faces of friends and family to increase awareness among first-time drivers.

Achievement of Super Night Vision

The large aperture lens of the front camera (F1.8) and car camera (F2.0) uses 6 layers and has 30% higher light transmission than ordinary lenses for excellent imaging. In addition, the high-sensitivity WDR technology with high light gathering capability reduces backlighting, highlight overflow, and shadow occlusion.

In addition, the in-car camera has four infrared lights, so you can capture a clear view of your face even in a car that becomes dark while driving at night. Day, night, rain, snow, hail, both inside and outside the car, you can capture beautiful images as a reassuring evidence of your protection.

About Parking Monitoring and Motion Detection

Necessary conditions for Realization

  • Connecting the camera to the car battery using the [ACC BATT GND] hardwire kit. (Hardwire kit not included)
  • The car is turned off and the camera's parking monitoring and motion detection functions are turned on.

Video Saving

  • When the car is in a collision, the parking monitor turns on the video and saves it to the emergency file.
  • When unidentified motion is detected, motion detection turns on the video and saves to the normal file.
  • Parking Monitor is triggered, the screen turns off, the red light flashes, and a reminder is issued the next time the car is started.

About Ficam APP and SD Card

About Ficam APP

  1. You can search for Ficam in the app store to download the APP;
  2. The built-in WIFI is used to connect the camera and APP, not for internet access (WiFi password: 12345678);
  3. In order to make the APP work properly, please authorize the network and location of Ficam in your phone (your information can only be viewed by yourself);
  4. If you are prompted to "format the memory card", it is normal, please click "format" in the settings of the app;
  5. The cellular data will cause the live feed not to be viewed. If the APP won't show the real time recording, please disable the "Ficam" cellular data of your For Latest iOS System: Setting→Ficam.
  • For Latest iOS System: Setting→Ficam→Click "Wireless Data"→Select "WLAN" .
  • For Older iOS System: Setting→Ficam→Disable the "Cellular Data".

About SD Card

  1. A memory card is NOT included in the packaging. Max Support 256GB Micro SD Card;
  2. Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card for Video is required. We Recommend SAMSUNG Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Memory Card;
  3. ✘ Please DON'T USE any "SanDisk Ultra" or other "Generic Class 10" Cards from third-party sellers. They are NOT made for FHD high-end dash cam like this one;
  4. Before you start using a new memory card, you must format the SD card via Ficam APP firstly.

COOAU- The Veteran Seller in Dash Cam Market

COOAU is a global provider of driving safety systems and consumer electronics and has reached good achievements in the last 6 years.

Currently, we have over 10 models of dash cams, including GPS dash cam, front and rear dash cam, 3-channel dash cam, Wi-Fi dash cam, 4k dash cam and so on.

We aim to provide people with safe, reliable and high quality products.

Please stay tuned. We will soon bring all these models to you.

  • The ability to develop, design and produce car dvr by ourselves.

Owning COOAU dash cam and starting your cool and safe driving journey

Warm Tips:

  1. Please format the MicroSD card to FAT32 or exFAT in computer and then format it on dash cam before use;
  2. It is recommended to format the SD card once every 1-2 weeks to maintain good read/write performance;
  3. The camera will automatically overwrite the locked files once the emergency files folder reach 30% of the card capacity. Please regularly transfer important videos to your PC or other devices;
  4. Any questions, please refer to the operation video.
  • Dual 2560P*1440P(2.5K) Front and 1920P*1080P Inside Recording
  • Novatek NT96565 High Performance CPU
  • G-Sensor & GPS Tracking
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity and Mobile APP
  • Support Up to 256GB Max
  • Infrared Night Vision(4 IR LEDS:Invisible LIght)
  • 24-hour Parking Monitor
Clarity 2.5K (1440P) +1080P 1080P+1080P 2.5K+1080P+1080P 1080P+1080P 1080P
Wide Angle 170°+150° 170°+150° 170°+150°+150° 170°+150° 140°
Screen Size 1.5 inches 1.5 inches 3 inches 1.5 inches
APP Ficam Ficam Ficam Ficam Ficam
Infrared Night Vision
Built-in GPS
Screen Off
ax SD Card Capacity 256GB 256GB 512GB 256GB 128GE

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