4K Dual Dash Cam 5G Wifi GPS, Real 4K+HDR 1080P Dash Cam Front and Rear, 3" LCD Super Night Vision, Parking Mode, Dash Camera for Cars with App, G-Sensor, Accident Record, Support 512GB Max


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🚗【Real 4K UHD Dual Dash Cam】What is a real 4K dash cam? YEECORE D22 4K dash camera is exactly that. It uses a native 4K (3840x2160@30fps) sensor, authentic 8 million and super large pixels, using the most advanced ISP (Image Signal Processor), and unique 4D noise reduction technology, this is the difference between yeecore 4K dash cam and other 4K...

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  • 🚗【Real 4K UHD Dual Dash Cam】What is a real 4K dash cam? YEECORE D22 4K dash camera is exactly that. It uses a native 4K (3840x2160@30fps) sensor, authentic 8 million and super large pixels, using the most advanced ISP (Image Signal Processor), and unique 4D noise reduction technology, this is the difference between yeecore 4K dash cam and other 4K dashcams, which is why the D22 video effect is so impressive.
  • 🚙【Clearly Dash Cam Front and Rear】Dual dash cam for recording both the front and rear view of your vehicle, 157°ultra-wide-angle front camera is enough to cover the whole road and will not distort the image, 140°ultra-wide-angle rear camera can capture those fender-benders from the rear. That you will never be in traffic dispute, and keep you away from potential liability issues as well as accidents.
  • 🚕【Super Night Vision & HDR Technology】YEECORE dash cams comes for cars utilize OV-OS08A10 8M Pixels image sensor,which has better night vision than any other sensors, and the SONY HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that auto adjusts the balance in low light or exposure, the dashcams will capture clear videos and image even in low-light night conditions.
  • 🚙【Built-in 5G Wi-Fi and GPS】The car camera has built-in 5G Wi-Fi, which is 5 times faster than 2.4G Wi-Fi, and the free proprietary mobile app "YeecoreViewer", allowing you to easily control the dash cam, view, and download videos. With built-in GPS, you do not need to buy additional GPS accessories. The unique GPS anti-jamming design, and can obtain GPS information within 1 minute. No extra GPS antenna is required, one less cable design makes your installation more straightforward.
  • 🚗【Emergency Lock & Loop Recording】When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, Dash cam front and rear auto overwrites the oldest recordings, Auto detection happens Accident with G-sensor, the current video is locked when it detects a collision. Locked video will be kept safe from being overwritten in case of an accident dispute,The evidence is really helpful in traffic dispute.
  • 🚕【24HR Parking Mode】The dash camera for cars with the parking monitor feature, dash camera will auto turn on and recording when the car camera detects vibration, even if the car is parked. It need a smart Hardwire Kit (not includ, buy extra ASIN:B09DSK58MW) to activate the parking mode.
  • 🚗【Easy Installation & Lifetime Aftersale Service】Follow user manual and video, newbies only takes 5 mins to installation this dual dash cam. YEECORE is an excellent manufacturer, our products serviced over 100 Million global customers in the last 10 Years. We are providing lifetime technical support and 18 months warranty, FREE firmware update and 7*24 hours technical support. Note: 1.Please format MicroSD card on the camera before initial use. 2. Support MicroSD card to 512GB max (NOT INCLUD)

Product Description

Why you should buy a 4k dash cam?

Dash cam is the best way to keep you driving safe on the road. The most important feature on dash cam is the camera itself as the camera lens and sensor combination will largely determine the recording quality of the device. 4K dash cam can record higher resolution video, allow you to capture clearer license plate numbers and other important details. If you plan to use the video for insurance purposes, this maybe key evidence.

YEECORE come, annoyance never come!!!

How to know you buy a real 4k dash cam?

Here are the 3 main features to consider when buying a true 4K dash camera:

Image Sensor, Processor, and Frame Rate(FPS):

These are the most important specification to check when verifying whether the dashcam is recording a real 4K video. Real 4K dashcam must have at least a real 8MP Image Sensor, take care of the FPS, because recording at everything under 30FPS is considered fake 4k. Our YEECORE D22 4k dash cam with top CPU Novatek NT96670 records Ultra HD 3840X2160p with 8-Megapixel CMOS Sensor 30Fps H.265 that allows it to capture real 4K video.

OS08A10 8M Sensor

Dash cam front use OmniVision-OS08A10 8M Sensor, It has a bigger pixel size and can catch more light than other sensors. This is the YEECORE D22 dash cam super night vision's secret.

4D Digital Noise Reduction | HDR | Sony Starvis

Rear cam built-in Sony sensor, Combine STARVIS & HDR technology, 4D digital noise reduction, capture all the starlight for you. What your eyes see, what D22 4K 8MP dashcam show you.

Real 4K Resolution

D22 dual dash cam featuring the top CPU and Sensor. Dash cam front and rear 4k+1080P@30fps/ 2K+1080@60fps/ 2.7K+1080P@30fps/ 1080+1080P@60fps, provide the real 4K resolution, clearly captured license plate numbers and signpost.

Parking Mode

YEECORE 4k dash cam is a 24/7 car protector, with the G-sensor and hardwire kit (buy extra ASIN B09DSK58MW), car dash camera could record everything that happened next to your car.

Seamless Loop Recording | G-sensor

Loop recording will auto delete older files for new recording when the SD card is full, you will never ever lack data storage space. The built-in G-sensor auto records and locks videos once it detects a sudden collision while parked or driving, to ensure that the most important footage from being overwritten.

Support up to 512G card

The car camera support 512G Micro SD card (not include). Please Format SD card on the dash camera before initial use, choose the U3 high speed brand card.

Extreme Weather Resistant

YEECORE dashcams run a super capacitor and is no longer facing the potential explosion threat of lithium battery in extreme climates (-4° to 158°F). This extends its lifetime while ensuring reliability.

Easy to Remove & No Traces

D22 car camera - dash cam front and rear offer Electrostatic Film(windshield stickers). Easily paste,peel and transfer windshield stickers from car to car, no adhesive residue, don't need solvents or scratches to remove the stickers to prevent damage to the glass. Heat and cold resistance, withstand the various temperatures without peeling.

3" IPS Screen | Adjustable Mount

The perfect 3" IPS screen size for view video directly and can be well hidden behind the rear view mirror.

Rotatable mount and adjustable view angle, So dash camera for cars fit many cars with different angle of Windshield. works well for cars, suv, jeep, truck.

What's in the Box ?

1 x D22 Front Camera / 1 x Rear Camera / 1 x Rear Camera cable 20ft

1 x Type-C Adhesive Mount / 1 x Car Charger 11.5ft type-C USB

1 x Type-C USB data cable 3ft

1 x Crowbar / 6 x Cable Clip

2 x Electrostatic Film / 1 x User Manual

Easy to Install

  • Clean your windshield, post the electrostatic Film(windshield stickers) , attach the D22 dash cam with the adhesive mount.
  • Use the car charger to connect the Mount to car's cigarette lighter. It will automatically turn on/off when car engine is ON/OFF. Just Plug and Play!
  • Use the rear cable to connect the front dash cam to rear camera.
  • If you need longer rear cable, USB power cable or suction cup mount, please con-tact us.

Dash cam display and Screen Saver

1: Short press "Up" button to switch 4 front and rear dash cam display screen way. ( Please Do Not Use The USB Cable as the dash cams‘ charger !)

2. Press the "Setting" - "screen saver" - you can turn it off or set auto turn off time of the screen ( the screen was turn off but the car camera still keep recording: you will see a blue light still turn on or flashing )

How to connect dash cam Wi-Fi with phone App?

The Wi-Fi range from the YEECORE dash camera is about 10 meters. (works like a Bluetooth)

1. Download the lastest "yeecoreviewer" APP from IOS or Android.

2. Turn on the dash cam, Long press the "UP" button to enter the WiFi mode, The WiFi hotspot name is yeecore_ xxxxxx,the password is 12345678.(Tips:After the phone is connected to the dash cam through Wi-Fi, you cannot make any settings on the dash cam. If you need to set it, you can use the APP.)

3. After your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot name, open App, click the "Enter the camera"

4. If you using an iphone, please turn on WLAN and turn off cellular date on your phone. There are too many mobile phones and software version numbers, If you have any questions for our App, please con-tact us.

Camera Type Front Front + Rear Front +Rear+SD card Front Front + Rear Hardwire Kit
Rear Camera 11.5ft (Length)
Resolution 4K (3840x2160p@30fps) 4K+1080P(HDR) 4K+1080P(HDR) 4K 2.5K+1080P USB Type-C
Display Screen 2.45" Touch Screen 3" IPS Screen 3" IPS Screen 3" IPS Screen 3.16" IPS Screen
Viewing Angle 140° 157°+140° 157°+140° 157° 140°+130°
Wi-Fi 2.4G 5G/2.4G 5G/2.4G 5G 2.4G
Playback Method Dash Cam; PC (GPS Player) ; Smartphone APP Dash Cam; PC (GPS Player) ; Smartphone APP Dash Cam; PC (GPS Player) ; Smartphone APP Dash Cam; PC (GPS Player) ; Smartphone APP Dash Cam; PC (GPS Player) ; Smartphone APP Hardwire Kit for 24h parking monitor
Storage(MicroSD Card) Up to 256GB Up to 512GB Up to 512GB Up to 512GB Up to 256GB

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