4K Dual Dash Cam Front 4K and Rear 2K Car Dash Camera for Cars 64GB Card Included 3" IPS Dashboard Camera Recorder with Card Reader, Super Night Vision, 170°Wide Angle


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【Ultra HD 4K+2K Dual Dash Cam】 With the 3 inch IPS screen, the dual dash cam records front at 4K(3840x2160P@30fps) and rear at 2K(2560*1440@30fps), which provides crystal clear video quality to read license plates during day and night and powerful evidence in case of car accidents, giving you peace of mind when driving. 【Super Night Vision】 Equipped with high resolution CMOS sensor and...

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  • 【Ultra HD 4K+2K Dual Dash Cam】 With the 3 inch IPS screen, the dual dash cam records front at 4K(3840x2160P@30fps) and rear at 2K(2560*1440@30fps), which provides crystal clear video quality to read license plates during day and night and powerful evidence in case of car accidents, giving you peace of mind when driving.
  • 【Super Night Vision】 Equipped with high resolution CMOS sensor and F1.8 wide aperture, the dash cam front and rear automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video in low light conditions and prevents video overexposure while driving, which ensures flawless video footage even at night and on rainy day.
  • 【Easy to Set up & 170° Wide Angle】The simple interface of dash cam is intuitive to set up. The dash camera for cars will start recording with any bump of the car as long as the power supply keeps being plugged into the cigarette lighter on your vehicle. The 170°+140° wide viewing angle captures the whole road and road signs both front and rear of you to reduce blind spots.
  • 【Reverse Parking Assistance】The 2K back up camera with guide lines assists you safe parking by connecting the red wire from the reverse lights. ✦Note✦ 1.The screen is small for parking assistance. 2.Need to wire the rear camera separately. 3. No need to connect the red wire of rear camera with the reverse lights if you don't want rear guidance when put the car in reverse gear. 4. If you need the 10ft extension cable for rear camera, refer to ASIN: B09DNTTZQN
  • 【Support Up to 256GB Micro SD Card】 This dual dash cam supports up to 256GB Brand micro SD card, but please choose U1 Class 10 card or Above because 4K+2K resolution has higher demand. The 256GB card provides ample storage capacity to record more segments before loop record over the old files (Free 64GB micro SD card is included). ✦Note✦Please format the memory card on the camera itself before first use even if you insert a brand new one.
  • 【Parking Monitor】Equipped with built-in lithium battery, the parking monitor of dash cam will be activated to start recording with any bump of the car, keep an eye on your car while you’re parked. ✦Note✦ Advise to buy one hardwire cable for power to install on a fuse box if needs camera continuously record to provide 24-hour protection while the car is off.
  • 【Loop Recording & G-Sensor】Seamless loop recording automatically record over the earliest file of SD card when it's full. Combined with auto gravity sensor, the dash cam front and rear will lock footage on any significant jolt or vehicle collision in case of an accident so that if you can’t instantly download the video, you can be assured the recording will still be there saved on the SD card.
  • 【Focus on Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Warranty】 Be assured that GILAYGROW customer support team endeavors to assist our valued customers with any issue you have encountered. We appreciate that you don't hesitate to contact us on Amazon or support email on user manual, we are responsive to provides 18-month replacement and lifetime reliable warranty.

Product Description

1. The dash cam Doesn't support WIFI (Not Wireless), which cannot connect it with Phone.

2. If the rear camera cable is short, please refer to 10ft extension cable (ASIN: B09DNTTZQN), or find us to get it.

3. Please Format Micro SD card on the camera itself when you first insert it into the camera even if you have formatted it on computer or use a new brand card. After you did it, the dash cam will release the tips (not prompt you to format the card)and get to recording.

4. Choose the high speed brand card (U1 & Class 10 or Above), the dash cam supports Max 256GB card, one 64GB card (U3) is included. Tips: only Class 10 is Not Supported.

5. Recommends to re-format the memory card from time to time anyway to keep it working right.

6. Equipped with built-in Lithium battery, please use the car charger that plugs into cigarette lighter to charge the camera, which allows the dash cam to turn on and off upon starting and turning off the vehicle (along with your car).

7. When connect camera to computer via USB cable, please access setup menu “USB Mode” , choose “USB Storage” to view the files of micro SD card on computer. Or directly use the Supplied Card Reader to read the card.

8. Please Turn Off Screen Saver if you wantthe screen stays on and see whats being recorded.

9. The rear camera is Mirror Image, please turn off "Mirror Image" in the setup menu of camera if needed.

10. The rear camera is Not wireless, which requires a wire to be installed through the rear of the car.

11. Because of the 4K video codec is different to others, please download VLC Player or PotPlayer in case the video playback goes wrong.

12. GILAYGROW is dedicated to provide professional help, please don't hesitate to find us if you need any help.

Crisp 4K + 2K Dual Recording

Simultaneously recording front and rear roads at 4K + 2K resolution, it makes license plates and street signs easier to read. What it did catch was beautiful scenery along the way and give you more confidence driving with it on crazy roads and drivers. Tips: Our dash cam allows to snap a photo when recording with a quick press of a button.

View Recorded Video

Remove the micro SD card from the dash camera and put it in the supplied SD card reader, then plug the card reader into computer and view the file recorded by dash cam. Or attach the supplied USB cable to the camera and computer then access the setup menu of camera “USB Mode” to choose “USB Storage”.

Parking Monitor Mode

This dual dash cam has a sufficient built-in battery to operate for 10-15 minutes without constant power cigarette lighter port from the car, it enables the camera to provide a parking mode which turns on to record every 30s video clip if the car is bumped or shaken while parked. Tips: Support to hardwire the camera to your car's fuse box if needed.

Compact and Easy to Configure

Operation menus are easy to navigate and set. Install the 3” IPS front dash cam behind rear view mirror, which makes a nice compact design to alleviate obstruction of your view while driving. Route the 18ft rear camera cable under the trim of car to connect the rear dash cam. Clean the windshield and camera lens with window cleaner or alcohol to get better video.

Tips: Lock bracket to fix the suction cup mount for better adhesion.

Car Charger with USB Port

The dual dash cam comes with mini USB cigarette lighter power supply, which have additional USB port to charge your phone.

Tips: It always have to stay plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Wide Field of View

The wide angle of the 170° front and 140°rear captures a wide variety of what’s in front and rear of you, so you will have a high resolution recording of what transpired, including road signs, license plate numbers and signal lights. In case of an accident, it will be a case of everyone having available an impartial recording of exactly what caused the accident.

Tips: You can swivel the suction cup mount to adjust the angle of camera lens.

Question 1: The camera switches from blinking red recording icon to yellow randomly? Question 2: Why camera screen says "Card to Slow" by Sandisk 256G C10 Card?

Answer 1:

  • The yellow recording icon means the locked video when the G-sensor is activated, please adjust the "low" sensitivity of G-sensor in the setup menu, otherwise the dash cam will stop recording when the memory storage is full.

Answer 2:

  • Our supplied free 64GB card is U3 Speed, please must choose U1 Class 10 or U3 Micro SD card if you need to buy a new one, only Class 10 is Not available.

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