Dash Cam Front 4K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars with 3-Inch Touchscreen, WDR, Night Vision, GPS, 170°Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder, Support 256GB Max


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{4K Ultra FHD Dual Recording}: This dash cam offers top-quality Ultra HD resolution. 4K front camera with advanced Sony IMX415 sensor and 1080p rear camera with IMX307 is more apparent in capturing key details than other dual cameras. Ussunny dashcam equipped with high-resolution 6-glass lens easily record clear street signs, license plate numbers, pedestrians, and vehicles in any weather conditions....

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  • {4K Ultra FHD Dual Recording}: This dash cam offers top-quality Ultra HD resolution. 4K front camera with advanced Sony IMX415 sensor and 1080p rear camera with IMX307 is more apparent in capturing key details than other dual cameras. Ussunny dashcam equipped with high-resolution 6-glass lens easily record clear street signs, license plate numbers, pedestrians, and vehicles in any weather conditions. This front and rear car camera offer a 20ft camera cable that works well for SUVs, jeeps, trucks
  • {Stylish Yet Convenient 3” Touch Screen Design}: Ussunny dash cam features a 3-inch FHD touchable display, and keeps a button function on its bottom for various usage habits. A user-friendly interface, simple preset icons, and PIP mode allows this dashboard camera easy to operate and playback. This exquisite dashcams for cars is a pleasingly compact and unobtrusive unit with less than 1 inch thin and 0.17LB light, so won't be distracting or get in the way when you driving
  • {Wide Aperture and Infrared Super Night Vision}: Ussunny 4K dash cam front and rear adopts high-performance Sony sensor and Novatek 96670 processor, with WDR technology f/1.4 front and f/1.8 rear wide aperture enhance the dash cam’s low-light performance, meaning you always get a clear video no matter the weather and lighting conditions. This camera for cars provides 170°/150°super-wide viewing angles to capture more than 3 lanes, help eliminate the blind spots, increasing driving security
  • {Super Capacitor / G-sensor / Loop Recording}: S900 car camera is powered by a super capacitor rather than a lithium-ion battery, and can withstand extreme weather(-10-75°C). It has a longer lifespan than a battery dash camera. The video camera's built-in G Sensor can trigger collision detection and accurate reduction of the accident scene. Moreover, the seamless loop recording will auto overwrite the oldest and most useless video to extend the capacity and keep the car camera securely recording
  • {GPS& 24hrs Parking Mode&Extra Surprise}: GPS is embedded in the car charger cable, no need to insert a GPS device on the car dash camera. 24hrs parking mode lets you worry-free even if car is off(need to buy hardwire kit B0BD8Q9X7X ). The suction cup and free 3M adhesive mounts make sure the dash cam is more stable even if driving on a rough road. This dash camera for cars supports 256GB cards max(free 32GB card included) and we provides a 1-year warranty, pls contact us if not 100% satisfied

Product Description

S900 4k Front and Back Dash Cam

Your Perfect Driving Companion

The dash cam is also named event data recorder (EDR). With the increasing trend of traffic road accidents, more and more people care about safe and green driving. For the majority of car drivers, a good dashcams for cars is essential, it will provide basic security, and is way better than no protection at all.


What kind of car camera is worth buying?

The most important assessment indicator for in-vehicle electronic products is stability and the security camera for car is the true same. When you choose a car dash camera model, priority to choose a stable, clear, and high-quality car dashcam to keep safe driving. In this case, Ussunny 4k car on-dash mounted cameras doing great.

Why choose our Ussunny dash cam front and rear?

Begin to abandon those space-consuming traditional designs and switch to a small, delicate, and stylish appearance design, which can not only eliminate hidden driving hazards but also maintain the original car style, making the car more unified and beautiful. So you may say Ussunny 4k dash cam just looks like a mini driving camera dash recorder.

It does a solid and reliable job, time after time, which is more based on the below factors:

  • Dual SONY SENSOR: This front and rear dash camera is equipped with a Sony IMX415(Front) and IMX307 (Rear), providing you with the most instant and sharp shots.
  • 6 Glass Lens: We adopt 6 layer glass lens for higher resolution, capturing more light even in low light conditions.
  • Wide-angle: The dual dash cam supports front 170°+ rear 150° wide-angle shooting, covering more than 3 lanes of traffic conditions and reducing the blind area.
  • Upgraded Supercapacitor: As we care deeply about the safety of our customers. So we choose to use a supercapacitor instead of a lithium battery as we know it is safer and can resist extreme temperature and different weather conditions.
  • Large Aperture: With Front F1.4 and rear F1.8 industry-leading aperture, WDR technology ensures the vehicle dash cam captures important details clearly under low light conditions.
  • More Functions: 1. Loop Recording 2. Super Night Vision 3. Emergency Lock 4. 24hrs Parking Monitor 5. Extra 32GB Micro card&2 brackets 6. 256GB large capacity storage

4K driving camera dash recorder

What makes Ussunny Brand Special?

Ussunny is committed to creating innovative products which enhance the quality of people's daily lives and make driving safe, smart, and easy. We always believe that the essence of technological development is to serve people and the market. After our professional R&D's continuous breakthroughs and meticulous research, making our S900 dash cams fully meets the needs of users.

Because we always keep in mind - The quality of the product is the life of a Brand/Company!

What's in the Box?

  • 1 × S900 Dash Camera
  • 1 × Rear Camera
  • 1 × 20ft Rear Camera Cable
  • 1 × 11.5ft Car Charger Supply Cable with GPS
  • 1 × 32GB SD Card
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Suction Cup Bracket, 1 × 3M Bracket
  • 1 × Crowbar, 4 × Wire Buckle, 1 × Electrostatic Sticker

S900 4K Dual Dash Cam

Capturing Every Detail All Day and Night

Equipped with a 2022 upgraded processor named NOVATEK 96670 and match it with front Sony sensor IMX415, rear sensor IMX307, making every road detail won't be skipped from your 4K front and rear dash cam.

Resolution mode:

  • Front only:3840*2160P
  • Front only:2560*1440P
  • Front2160P+Rear1080P
  • Front1440P+Rear1080P

Warm tips:

  • 1. Please check carefully the functionality of the car dash camera with its all accessories before installation.
  • 2. Please FORMAT your 32GB card (package includes)termly to release capacity, if you need to insert another SD card, please make sure the memory card is class 10 U3 above for best dash cam footage.
  • 3. GPS Player Software: Use the device that comes with a player or read our user manual for more information. GPS Player for Windows (Windows7, 8, 10) GPS Player for Mac (Mac 10.11, Mac 10.11 above)
  • 4. The parking monitor function needs to connect an extra hardwire kit (not included), please purchase our S900 specific hardwire kit with GPS function sold on Amazon (ASIN: B0BD8Q9X7X ).
  • 5. Please let us know if any other professional help is needed.

Sharp 4K Video

The Ussunny S900 car dashboard camera is equipped with a high-performance Sony sensor-IMX415(Front), and IMX307 (Rear) that can record videos up to a resolution of 4k(2160p)+ rear 1080P(FHD). High-definition resolution can capture native HD images of each frame, bring you more dynamic details, and can achieve more vivid videos. Born from a love for quality design and quality products, we have confidence the ultra HD video recording quality is so good that you will find the S900 provides more clarity and quality difference than other fake 4K or 1080P camera for car.

WDR Super Vision

Unlike the other normal dash cam with light / dark consequences, the S900 dash cam adopts the advanced WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) technology that can find a balanced exposure with the ability to compensate for light and dark spots of the frame. Perfect for low light or backlight situations, in wide dynamic scenes such as entering and exiting tunnels, night car lights, etc., the image bright and dark details perform better; It records in Full HD, regardless of ambient light and weather conditions, and produces footage clear enough to capture key details.

Dual Channel Wide Angle View

Thisfront and rear dash camera has a built-in high-resolution Sony sensor and adopts a revolutionary 6-layer-glass front 170°and rear 150°wide-angle lens, which is super wide to cover and capture multiple lanes(more than 3 lanes). Both the front and rear cameras record simultaneously when the car starts up, giving you all-around protection and peace of mind on the road.

G-sensor Emergency Lock/Loop Recording

With its built-in G-Sensor, this driving camera dash recorder detects a sudden collision while you driving and parking, and it will quickly lock the emergency and most important footage for you, which pulls the driving safety to the next level.

With Loop Recording enabled --when the storage space is full, no need to manually delete videos or purchase extra SD cards, the dual dash cam front and rear will auto overwrite the oldest and useless UNLOCKED file with a new one.

Built-in Supercapacitor

Compared with other lithium battery dash cams, this front and rear dash cam goes one better by offering a supercapacitor: 1. More durable - 100 times more the using number of rechargeables and dischargeable cycles and it has twice the service life of lithium-ion batteries; 2. Safer - will not explosion or burn even if short-circuited; 3.More reliable- withstand extreme temperatures(-14℉-167℉) in cold winter or hot summer, preventing overheating or melting and deliver you a clear and stable video all the time.

24 Hours Parking Monitor

The car camera supports 24 hours parking monitor, it will automatically activate the dash camera and record video when the camera detects shocks or collisions. (Note: When you touch to click the function, the car dash cam will show you need to connect an extra hardwire kit (not included) to use this function, please purchase our S900 specific hardwire kit with GPS function sold on Amazon (ASIN: B0BD8Q9X7X ) Pls contact the Ussunny support team if any questions.

After installing the hardwire kit, you no need to worry about draining the automobile storage battery as the dash cam offers 24 hours all-day security guard for you.

Wide Aperture

Super night vision performance thanks to powerful WDR technology, high-quality Sony Starvis IMX415, IMX307, 6 infrared LED lenses, and other features. Combined with the front 1.4 and rear 1.8 lenses' large aperture, the S900 dash cam for truckers allows superior images, be it day or night. More light into the lens makes this high-end dash cam more than other cheaper dash cams. (Note: The smaller the "F" value, which proves the bigger aperture and more easier to see key details at night or low light conditions.)

GPS Logger

No worries to insert an additional GPS module into the dash cam as it is already mounted on the car charger cable. As the factory setting of this dashboard camera is GMT-5, If the GPS positioning is successful, the time/date will be updated automatically, and no need to set it manually. Or you can set the time manually according to your timezone.

A built-in GPS logger will accurately record your driving location and you can log the current speed and GPS location in your video footage files, and it is easy to check it back.

Note: Please use the device that comes with a player. GPS Player for Windows (Windows7, Windows8, Windows10); GPS Player for Mac (Mac 10.11, Mac 10.11 above)

Voice Control

Ussunny dash camera enables you to free your hands when driving, to control the dash camera without touching the screen. Take pictures and record video by voice control, such as some shortened words: “Take Photo, Record Video, Lock Video, Screen On or Screen Off” etc. Let you make an instant shoot whenever and enjoy the driving experience in a safe way, easily capture the beautiful scenery encountered during the journey.

Video Playback/SD Card Extraction Method

To transfer your Ultra HD video to the pc, there are two methods:

First, take out the SD card and read its memory using a card reader, then play the recorded video on your computer.

Second, connect the camera(the USB port on the camera body instead of on the mount) to your computer via a mini USB cable. Then the screen would show “mass storage”/ USB connecting...", and you can check the video on your computer.

S900 dash cam comes with a 32GB micro card, reduce the trouble of purchasing other cards or avoid purchasing an incompatible memory card and wasting your hard-earned money. It is the most reliable, cost-effective, and overall safest choice. (Note: The driving recorder supports up to a 256GB card(not included), if needed larger capacity, please make sure to purchase a high-spec dedicated card above class 10 - U3.

Dash Cam with Wide Aperture

Built in GPS

Car Dash Camera with Voice Control

How to Download Videos

Let Ussunny 4K Dash Cam Escort for You All Day and Night

Adhering to the "Quality First, Customers First" business philosophy, we provide customers with high-quality products and are relentless in delivering innovative Automotive& Electronic products and experiences with our customers in our minds. Ussunny believes in the power of creativity to move the world. Welcome to share with us your innovative ideas about this touchable dash cam, we may take it into consideration for the next upgrade.

USSUNNY-Your Best and Reliable Friend


Q1: What if the suction cup bracket of this dashcam is broken? Can I get a replacement quickly?

A1:We will send a replacement to our customer soon if the customer contacts us, also, we also sell suction cups on Amazon (ASIN: B0BDK2R38M), you can check and buy if needs one for backup use.

Q2:Will I be able to remove the 4K dash cam from one car to another?

A2:Yes. it comes with two mounting brackets, so two installation methods are available: one is the 3M bracket, and the other-suction cup bracket can be directly removed and installed on another car.

Q3:Can I receive the hardware kit and MicroSD card together after I buy this?

A3:Ussunny car dash cam offers a 32 GB SD card in the box, but the hardwire kit needs to be purchased separately(ASIN: B0BD8Q9X7X)

Q4:If my car is off and someone hits my car, will the camera automatically turn on and start recording?

A4:Yes, it will, but it has to be hard-wired. (Wired into the fuse box, please purchase the hardwire kit if you need)

Q5:How can I access the video if there's no wifi or APP?

A5:You can view all videos in the camera itself, or you can take out the micro SD card, then put it into a reader, and view the videos on a computer.

Q6:I'd like to see the user manual before I purchase. Where can I find it?

A6:You can download the user manual on the product page or contact USSUNNY Customer Support to get one.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our USSUNNY support team. Queries are typically answered within 12-24 hours.

You can add, text, html, images and videos as well to the tab from product settings area

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