Dash Camera for Cars, Super Night Vision Dash Cam Front and Rear with 32G SD Card, 1080P FHD DVR Car Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, WDR, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Motion Detection 【2023】


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🛍️ 【1080P Full HD Dash Cams with USB Port】Car camera charger with USB port , 👉 no worry about the charging problems of mobile phones/mobile electronic devices even thought using this dual dash cam. Combines the f1.8 aperture and WDR tech, you can playback each clear detail on car dash cam or PC. ( VERY IMPORTANT ) Please do not...

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  • 🛍️ 【1080P Full HD Dash Cams with USB Port】Car camera charger with USB port , 👉 no worry about the charging problems of mobile phones/mobile electronic devices even thought using this dual dash cam. Combines the f1.8 aperture and WDR tech, you can playback each clear detail on car dash cam or PC. ( VERY IMPORTANT ) Please do not using our usb cable as the dash cams charger, or maybe lead to the front camera can works but rear camera can not display!
  • 🛍️ 【Car Cameras with 32G SD Card】Dash cam front camera 3 Inches IPS Screen car on-dash mounted cameras with 32GB SD card can endless working under Loop Recording function. 👉 No worry about this dash cam front and rear will full of storage! Dash cam front and back combined with So ny sensor, you will get 30fps videos and 12MP pictures with this dashcams for cars front and rear.
  • 🛍️ 【Wide Angle Front and Rear Dash Cam】Dash cam front camera for car comes with 170°wide field of vision and 140° for dash cam rear. Ultra-wide field of car cameras reduces the blind spots and captures more details, also, 👉 there are 4 lens switching method that you can choose, security camera for car.
  • 🛍️【G-sensor On Car Camera - Dash Cam Front and Rear】Our car safety camera can auto detect and lock the driving recording that we need. Truly restored the driving video/photo with highly sensitivity. 👉 You can also set the camera for car to turn off the screen auto but still keep recording. (30seconds/1Min/2Min)
  • 🛍️【Plug and Play Front Dashcam for Car】You will find that you can easily and securely mount the suction cup to your windshield in seconds. This car dash camera's operation is still simple and friendly for new users. If you don't need the Reversing Mode, ther rear camera also can be very easily, just install and hide the wire. 👉 Please note, use the needle to insert the little hole on the " RES" button, you can rest the factory setting, can fix the freeze /or other little questions well.
  • 🥰 🥰 Installation of Dual Dash Camera - Car Rear Dash Cam Cable : Way 1: Connect the red part of rear camera cable with the positive pole of reversing light, so that it will appear reversing mode when you parking, No recording when you reversing. Way 2: If your car already have built in reversing system monitor, NO NEED TO CONNECT THE RED WIRE, Just wrap it directly with tape. Install and hide the cable is ok! At this period, the rear camera can keep recording at reversing period.
  • 🥰 🥰 Front and rear dash cam with 32G SD Card, already inserted in Dash Car Camera. As a seller of dash cam and suppliers of other car camera sellers, we have collected the earliest data and feedback to upgrade our products, improve problems, and provide a 100-point great after-sales experience. or you can get the longer extension cable for the rear camera if you need it.( it is 6M's rear cam cable in the package) Please trust us, trust your choice.
  • 🥰 🥰 Some Important Function Settings for this car security cameraon daily use : Select "low" for the gravity sensor level, or turn it off / Loop recording select "3 minutes" / Select "off" for motion detection / Parking monitor select "on". Promise here: Really 1080P front dash cam. Please note: press "M" button to switch the Vidoe/Photo/Playback 3 Mode.
  • 🥰 🥰 As a supplier of dash dual cams, we have had feedback like this: the rear camera does not display/how to turn off the sound/how to play the rear mirror file or play it on the computer (1:something wront with the installation, please email the user munal's mailbox. 2: press "down button" speedly turn on/off the audio. 3: Long press "up/down button" to switch the Rront and Rear recording file when you on playback mode, A20 car dash camera Support: MOV computer playback Format)
  • 🥰 🥰 About the Battery: all the battery of car dash cam in the market, only support auto turn on and recording a short time for the urgent situation when you parking. Need to plug the dual dash cams charger all the time. Do not use the free USB Cable as the Charger, the cable and the USB card reader only used to connect with your computer and playback the recording file.

Product Description

Package included:

1 × dash camera front and rear camera

1× 32G SD Card

1×USB SD Card Reader

1× Car Charger

1× USB Cable

1× Suction Cup Mount

1× User Manual

1× Installation Tool

1× Clean tool

  • Image: JPEG; 12M/10M/8M/5M/3M/2M/1.3M/VGA
  • Screen: 3 inch IPS screen dash cam
  • Lens: f1.8/30fps

Easy Installation front Dash cam -- Please note: Not Wireless Dash Cam

Wipe the windshield clean, then choose the most suitable place for installation. Most people choose a location where near the rearview mirror. Plug and Play Front Dash Cams for Car.

Installation of the Rear Car Camera:

1. Please make sure that the red wire of the dash cam rear is connected to the positive pole of the reversing light, so that the reversing image car can appear in "reverse gear".

2. If you don’t need to use the reversing image, but only for the rear video, then the red wire does not need to be connected to the positive pole of the reversing light, just wrap the red wire.


  • Front/Rear Cam Recording: 1920x1080P / 1280x720P
  • The length of Charger/ The length of Rear car camera: 3.5m / 6m (IF YOUR SUV NEED EXTENSION CABLE FOR REAR CAMERA, PLEASE LET US KNOWN)
  • Angle: Dash cams front camera170° /dashcams rear camera 140° (USB Interface) Mini USB(used for connect PC)
  • Video: H.264 compression; MOV Format
  • TIPS: if your car don't have the Cigarette Port, please LET US KNOWN , hardwire kit or the OBD Power cable for the dual dash cam CAN help you.

Connect with PC- SD Card Reader, USB Cable

1. The first accessory we give away: 32G SD card, which can keep recording all the time. Meantime, you can also purchase a 64gsd card separately. That is also compatible.

2. The second accessory we gave away: SD card reader, take out the SD card, and use the card reader to connect to the computer.

3. The third accessory we gave away: USB cable, which is more convenient for you to directly connect the recorder to your computer, without disassembling the SD card.

Loop Recording & Auto Lock

1. Please adjust the sensitivity of G-sensor to Low or turn it off ,or the video file will be easily locked when your car brake,even if the loop recording function of the Dashboard Camera is turned on.

2. The file will be locked auto,when the car hits. When the Dashboard Camera prompts 'SD card FULL', it will turn off automatically to remind you to format sd card and reset it. Please follow these steps to solve the issue: a, Turn off G-sensor, motion detection and Parking mode. b, Please use the Lock function when you need to save a video without being overwritten

Car Charger with USB Interface- can charge your phone when using our dash cam

1. 1080p dashcams for cars front and rear coming with car charger with USB interface. When charging the dash cam, you can also plug the data cable into the car charger to charge your phone or charging treasure.

2. Please note, all the dashcams' battery in the market now only support urgent recording for a while. Can not used as dash camera power supply.

3. Please clear the unnecessory car cam auto locked file.

Display Mode 1: Front and Back Dash Cam Images

1. The main dash cam screen will display the view of front cam , and the screen on top right corner will display the view of rear camera. You can press the “up button ” quickly switch the display mode that you need.

2. If the rear cam can not display on screen, mainly because: 1) you used the USB cable as our dash cameras charger? 2) Not connect the cable well when you installed the front and rear dash cam? These maid lead to front dash cam can works well but rear cam can not works.

Display Mode 2: Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear

1. Half of the front and rear lenses are displayed in the screen, and you can adjust the mode you need.

2. We have well-known brands in this dash cam markets, like dash camera for cars front and rear, dash cam hardwire kit, obd power cable for car dash camera, all the related product about the dash cam we are professional.

Display Mode 3: Dash Cam Front Camera Only

1. Only the front cam images is displayed, and the car forward picture will be displayed in the driving recorder to the greatest extent.

2. All parts and accessories provided by Biuone are manufactured according to strictest industry standards. Thank you for visiting our dash cam and store and happy shopping!

Display Mode 4: Dash Cams Rear Cam Only

1. Only show the rear images , you will see the situation behind more clearly.

2. If your car already has the reversing mode, no need to connect the red cable, jut Plug and Play.( the rear cam can always keep recording when driving) If not , need to connect the rear dash cam's red cable to the positive of car reversing light. (the rear dash cameras can keep recording except reversing)

3 inch IPS Screen

170° Wide angle with 3 Inch large screen and updated 1080P resolution, every part of your video looks amazing, dash cam front and rear camera shows your images in the best possible light.

The features of IPS screenshot: Visible Angle large + color real color accurate + dynamic picture quality + energy saving.


2. Only Press OK Button to Stop Recording then You Can Enter Menu Setting.

24 hours Parking Monitoring

Parking mode monitors your car’s surroundings while car is parked. 24H KEEP RECORDING when parking needs Hardwire kit or OBD power cable for your dash cam. If you need it , please let us known.

If you have using problems with the car cams, suggest you using the information which on the manual directly, so that you can go directly chat with the seller, not the Amazon buyer. In this way, our professional engineers will help you better.

Superior Night Vision & Waterproof rear cam

With the WDR and HDR technology, the camera delivers clear videos with artistic qualities, your footage stays clear and steady even in low light.

Our factory mainly made car recorder and vehicle products, such as Dash Cam Hardwire Kit and OBD2 power cable for dashcams. With professional engineers and product advantage , we can provide you happy shopping experience, I believe we will be your choice!

Wide Dynamic Range

Balance overexposure or underexposure to give more layers and clearer images. Our dual dash cam allow you to get the most stable images in the dark at night.

Biuone Brand, not only is seller but also is suppliers, from design to production, whether it is qua-lity or our pro-mise , we create reliability and longevity of all products. Belive customers have happy purchase experience!

Installation drawing of the complete set of dash cams front and rear.

Way 1: If your car do NOT have built in reversing system display monitor,and you need dash cam reverse assistance function, you will need connect the rear cam cable RED wire to car reversing lamp positive lead (12-24V).

When you reverse car,the dash cam will show full screen of rear view with reversing guide dotted line.

Way 2: If your car already have built in reversing system display monitor, then no need connect the rear cam RED wire to reversing lamp.

Please note: This dash cam requires constant power via a cigarette lighter plug. And please better use our dash camera charger to charge it , or maybe lead to the rear camera can not works normal. The safety voltage of the recorder is 5V and the safety current is 1A-3A!

For TRUCK / SUV 5 Pin extension cable of the rear cam :

The default rear view camera cable length is 18 feet which is suitable for most small cars.

10ft extension cable: 5 Pin Longer Cable for Dual Dash cam Front and Rear The Rear Cable for Van Truck Dash Camera

Original 18ft rear cam cable + 10ft extension cable: fit car/pickup truck/minivan (vehicles total length between 18ft ~ 27ft).

If your vehicle is a Van or a pickup truck, please search "B094D55WDV" on amazon to buy it directly. ( Please let us known and found One !)

Why only has the front dash cam display?

Most Important Reason of why rear cam not display: Please Do Not Use The USB Cable as The Dash Cams' Charger!

Situation 1: Shot press "up button" to switch 4 front and rear dash cam display screen way.

Situation 2: Please confirm the two connections are well connected.

How to keep the free 32G sd card stay in dash cam: Our seller has the video so that can help you using our dash cam better.

Using a needle to insert the little "RES" hole to reset the dash cam can fix many question.

Why can not found the rear camera file ?

Does the rear dash cam can not recording & save the file?

Yes both front and rear cam can recording and save the file, only except this situation: when the dash cam appear reversing mode.

Situation 1: Long press up/down button to switch the front or rear dash cam playback file, when you at playback mode.

Situation 2: Please confirm the two connections place are well connected.

Installation of Rear Cam

Extension Cable of Car Rear Cam

Display of Rear Camera

Playback of Rear Cams

Type Rear Cam Extension Cable for SUV / Truck A20 Dash Cam + OBD Power Cable A20 Dash Cam + Hardwire Kit A20 Dash Cam +Extension Cable Dash Cam Suction Cup
Promotion Happy Deal Combined Purchase: Best Deal Combined Purchase: Best Deal Combined Purchase: Best Deal Happy Deal
Cable Fuction if rear camera wire not long enough for your truck? 24 Hours Recording +dual camera dash cam charger 24 Hours Recording Extension cable for rear cam /SUV /Van Can get a replacement
Dash Camera Function Please Let us known night vision camera/front and back camera for car night vision camera/front and back camera for car night vision camera/front and back camera for car dash cam sucker locked /unlocked
Wired Car Cam dash cam cable wired car camera das cam 24 hour recording dash cam for truck van dash cam mount

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