Dual 1080P Dash Cam, Built in Wifi GPS, Front and inside Dashcams for Cars with Infrared Night Vision, Smart Dash Camera with Sony Sensor, Supercapacitor, Accident Record, Parking Mode D60


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【🔎Dual Dash Cam 1080P FHD】 The dual wide view dash camera records 1080p videos front(170° wide angle) and inside(150° wide angle) your car at once to reduce blind spots. The front camera is enough to capture 6 lanes with more details such as sidewalks and road signs. The cabin camera can fully capture the front and inside passengers and the...

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  • 【🔎Dual Dash Cam 1080P FHD】 The dual wide view dash camera records 1080p videos front(170° wide angle) and inside(150° wide angle) your car at once to reduce blind spots. The front camera is enough to capture 6 lanes with more details such as sidewalks and road signs. The cabin camera can fully capture the front and inside passengers and the driver. In addition very high definition video quality.
  • 【📲Built in WIFI & GPS】The dash cam front and inside has built-in GPS to record your driving route, location, speed and time. The information picked up by GPS can be crucial in an insurance claim. There’s a smartphone app connected to the Wi-Fi dash cam to manage your setting, view live video, check your route and download recordings. Video files can be downloaded to smartphones and shared with your friend by social media.
  • 【🚘Sony CMOS Image Sensor & Super capacitor】 The car dashboard camera has a Sony CMOS image sensor working with a 6G lens with F/1.8 wide aperture to improve picture clarity for low light, rainy weather, and backlight conditions. D60 dashcam uses super capacitors, which can withstand extreme temperatures, Improved reliability. Compared with lithium-ion battery, the use of super capacitor for power supply is much more heat-resistant and have a better life span.
  • 【🎅A Friendly User Interface Operation】 Thoughtful user interface and shortcut buttons for you to operate: screen saver to show current speed and time, driver fatigue alarm, internal picture in picture and SD card format reminder. The dash cam front and cabin will automatically switch to parking mode after the engine is off. And you also get loop recordings, locked footage on collision or shake, and support for up to a 256GB microSD card (not included).
  • 【🥇Profesional After-sales Support】 Perfect dual wifi dash cam for online car-hailing service, taxis/rideshare drivers, commuters, and families. AVAETT dash camera for cars is backed by 2 YEARS WARRANTY. You can Email our customer care and we will solve any of your problems within 24 hours. If you have a problem, please let us help you deal with it first.

Product Description

AVAETT D60 Dual dash cam - most powerful and affordable 1080 video car dash cam front and inside which is your faithful witness of the road, it can record video and sound of the whole driving process, and provide evidence for traffic accidents. Dash cameras can be more than a recording device, but also can help you record the lead along the road.

  • Front and inside dual dash cam: Both cameras will record automatically when you start engine, very convenience and save your time.
  • Larger memory capacity: Supports 256GB extra large capacity memory cards, allowing you to save longer videos, while the other dash cams in the market are usually 32GB.
  • Supercapacitor: more stable and safe, you can use the dash cam recording normally in bad weather. Need continuous power supply, if the vehicle is turned off, it will stop recording.


After downloading the "Avaett" app and connecting to your phone's WiFi, you will be able to view live recordings, download and save recorded clips, or share them on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

A robust app needs a solid plan for maintenance, our app have a professional technical team to monitor the performance and ensure that users are getting quick response at new function upgrade or problems occur.

About using APP

  • You can search for Avaett in the app store to download the app;
  • The built-in WIFI is used to connect the camera and APP, not for internet access (WiFi password: 12345678);
  • In order to make the APP work properly, please authorize the network and location of Avaett in your phone (your information can only be viewed by yourself);
  • When you use your own data cable to connect the camera to the car's center console, it may cause the app to fail to connect;
  • If you are prompted to "format the memory card", it is normal, please click "format" in the settings of the app;
  • The cellular data will cause the live feed not to be viewed. If the APP won't show the real time recording, please disable the "Avaett" cellular data of your For Latest iOS System: Setting→Avaett.

For Latest iOS System: Setting→Avaett→Click "Wireless Data"→Select "WLAN" .

For Older iOS System: Setting→Avaett→Disable the "Cellular Data".

If you need to update your dash camera, we will send you the installation package.

SONY Infrared Super Night Vision: Best night imaging technology all over the world.

The camera has four built-in infrared lights, we can clearly capture the picture inside the car at night, perfect night monitoring for online car-hailing service, taxis/rideshare/lyft/uber drivers, commuters, and families.

Note: The images turns into white and black when Infrared LEDs is on.

How to format the SD card ?

  1. Format the Micro SD card on your computer to FAT32 or exFAT;
  2. If it is larger than or equal to 64GB, there is no FAT32 option when formatting on the computer, only NTFS and exFAT options, choose exFAT; if it is smaller than or equal to 32GB, please choose the FAT32 option.
  3. Press the power button to enter the menu; if the dashcam is recording video, press the OK button to stop the recording first;
  4. Press the Down button to choose the "Format Memory Card" option, press OK to Format.

If you encounter problems with formatting your SD, we are here to guide you through the process.


  • A memory card is NOT included in the packaging. Max Support 256GB Micro SD Card.
  • Formatting the memory card every two weeks is just an advice which can extend the life of your memory card. Even if you don't do this, the dashcam can still record as normal.
  • ✔ Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card. We Recommend SAMSUNG Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Memory Card.
  • ✘ Please DON'T USE any "SanDisk Ultra" or other "Generic Class 10" Cards from third-party sellers. They are NOT made for 1080 HD high-end dash cam like this one.

The parking monitoring function needs to be used after connecting hardwiring.

You can add, text, html, images and videos as well to the tab from product settings area

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