Electric Air Compressor Portable Tire Inflator 12V, 110V, Car and Bike Pump Presta and Schrader Valve Upscale, Analog Pressure Gauge, Air Pump for Car Tires, Motorcycle, Soccer Ball PRO Model


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Prow AC DC air compressor tire inflator- with AC (110v) and DC (12v) cables can be usedat any time and in any place.It can be used in the garage in the morning without having to ignite the engine or even in the middle of a deserted street.Inflates fast with a strong 120W motor. Inflates car tires to 35 PSI in...

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  • Prow AC DC air compressor tire inflator- with AC (110v) and DC (12v) cables can be usedat any time and in any place.It can be used in the garage in the morning without having to ignite the engine or even in the middle of a deserted street.Inflates fast with a strong 120W motor. Inflates car tires to 35 PSI in 5 minutes and under.Please note: After using the tire pump for 20 minutes straight, it is advised to leave it to cool down for at least 10 minutes.
  • The electric car tire inflator has a large clear analog pressure display gauge for maximum accuracy with unit conversion (PSI/Bar/KPA) that measures up to 100 PSI. The portable tire inflator is easy to use, just plug in the power plug (110V / 12), turn on the tire pump and when the tire reaches the desired pressure you turn off the car air compressor. This tire pump for automobiles comes with a compact carry-on bag for easy storage.
  • Variety of adapters for a variety of uses: The car air pump comes with a variety of adapters that are suitable for the car, motor cycle and bicycle. specifically for the bicycle, there is a presta valve adapter. Note: The tire inflator is not suitable for big tires such as truck tires and large vehicles. Suitable for inflation of basket balls, footballs, sport balls, pools, golf carts etc. Note: Not designed for large volume pools and large inflatables
  • Compact and portable: This portable air compressor comes with a carry – on -bag making it comfortable and nice for easy storage in the car which makes the car tire pump into a recommended car gadget. Please note: The AC cable is located together with the air hose in the back of the air compressor. The DC cable is located in a separate compartment on the side of the unit.
  • You can be relaxed when buying the portable air compressor from Prow. Prow a company leading in quality, manufactures this air compressor tire inflator with meticulousness that it should have long-term durability, and gives a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty together with outstanding customer service.

Product Description

PROW AC DC portable air compressor Tire Inflator AC/DC

  • This portable air compressor is unique in that besides having a wire that plugs into the car's cigarette socket, it also has an electrical wire that plugs into the home socket, and so the bike pump can work at home as well. You can even fill up your tires in your own parking lot by plugging the electric tire inflator in to the outlet there.
  • The car tire air pump is made especially for tires, but the mini air compressor also includes attachments that can fill all kinds of things from balls to mattresses, strollers, toys, sports balls, basketballs, beach balls (not designed for large pools or large volumes).
  • We manufacture the prestigious air compressor for car and home, using modern technology, which will last for a long time, our electric air pump is manufactured to be compact and comfortable, the air compressor is small and powerful, and the electrical wire that connects to the car and the wall in the house is long enough to be easy to reach all your tires.
  • Air filling in the vehicle tire up to: 70PSI.
  • Air filling in a bicycle tire up to: 100PSI.
  • Household power plug length(110V): 9ft 10.1 in.
  • Length of power plug in the vehicle (12 V): 9ft 2 in.
  • Hose length: 19.7 inches.
  • + Quick Connector: 8 inches.
  • Weight of air compressor portable: 3.3 pounds.
  • Display units: PSI / Bar / KPA.


The Prow air compressor will be a smart purchase! With options for AC and DC with an array of adapters it can be used for a variety of purposes to serve the whole family.

For you and for your wife as a car tire pump, for your older son as a motorcycle tire inflator, for the younger kids as a bike pump, ball air compressor and air compressor for inflatables.

In a few words the Prow air compressor great for the whole family!


This small portable air compressor tire Inflator for car and bike

We manufacture the luxurious air compressor for car and home, using modern technology that is long lasting. Our electric air pump is manufactured to be compact and comfortable and is therefore a great choice for car drivers and cyclists!

This is a reliable emergency pump that can be kept on hand whilst travelling. The Prow air compressor is your perfect set. Our portable tire inflator is beautiful and impressive, which makes it perfect for gifts. It also comes in a beautiful box with a very practical bag. The tire air compressor has a very detailed instruction booklet, and we have an instructional video so it’s easy and convenient for everyone to understand.

So, when you give the PROW tire pump as a gift to your wife, husband, parents, teenage child, your friends or anyone you care about, you can be sure they will be satisfied.

The electric air compressor is especially manufactured for mobility and comes in a carry-on bag so it could be moved around easily.

  • Prow car tire inflator will help you join the global trend to avoid use public products, thereby lessening the chance of spreading viruses and germs.
  • Instead of using the public air compressor you can use your own personal and clean air pump for car tires with strong performance.


  • Advantages of the Prow mini air compressor that comes with attachments AC 110V for the house and DC 12V for the car are many and contribute a lot to your maximum comfort.
  • If the car is in your parking lot and you want to fill up tires, there is no need to turn on the motor, you turn on the AC power of the tire inflator and fill up air in your tires!
  • If you are stuck in the middle of a deserted road you can take out your electric tire pump for tires, connect the DC cable and fill up on air with a calm heart.

Are you the type of person that likes to be ready for every situation?

Let yourself enjoy the Prow small air compressor which is built with deep thought for people like you.

And the most important is that the air pump for car tires is portable and compact and comes with a comfortable carry-on-bag so that you can take it with you to any place.

The Prow tire inflator is suitable at any time, whether its day or night, or summer or winter.

  • You connect the air compressor to the electricity, connect the air hose to the tire, then press the ac button when connected to the power at home, or the dc button when connected to the car electricity, then the car air pump turns on and when you see the pressure gauge it has reached the desired pressure press again and turn off the tire inflator with gauge.
  • Our portable air compressor for car tires is very convenient for permanent storage in the trunk of your vehicle, both because of the small design of the air pump and because of the bag attached to it. Storing the tire pump in your trunk will help you easily fill your tires to the desired pressure anytime, anywhere.

This digital air compressor has special features:

  • Pressure Gauge: The electric tire inflator has a large and clear analog pressure gauge for maximum accuracy up to 100 PSI.
  • Powerful motor: This air pump for car tires has 2 powerful solid metal motors that fill up to 20 liters per minute and inflates car tires to 35psi in 5 minutes and under. You appreciate quick inflation when you need it most.
  • Accessory nozzles: The ac dc air compressor comes with a set of accessory nozzles. As well as tires, you can inflate basketball, soccer balls, pool toys, etc. Inflation has never been so easy before!
  • Tire inflation: Our electric tire pump for automobiles is a great choice for car drivers and cyclists! It is a reliable emergency pump that can be kept within reach while traveling.
  • Road Use: This car air pump performs flawlessly everywhere. Simply plug the 12-volt power into your vehicle's lighter socket, turn on the tire pump, wait - and when the tire reaches the desired pressure you turn off the air compressor!
  • Use at home as well: Uniquely, this car air pump is also equipped with an AC power cord so it can be plugged into the wall outlet of your home or garage.
  • Electric tire inflator comes with a detailed instruction booklet on how to use it.

Option 1: Clamp connection, (fast connection) connects with an 8-inch extension to the air hose. You can connect the air hose easily and quickly to your tire and also enjoy an extension to the hose for extra comfort.

Option 2: Screw on connection, strong and comfortable connection.

The prow portable air compressor has two different options of fitting the air hose to your tire, choose according to your personal preference.

Please note: All the adapters can be attached to both options.

This portable air pump is very prestigious and is therefore especially suitable for gifts. The air pump comes with a nice box and an elegant bag.

  • The tire air compressor also comes with a very clear instruction booklet. We also have an instruction video so it’s easy for all to understand.
  • The set also includes nice and useful plugins: Quick connector - for quick and easy connection to tires and also extends the air hose. Converter adapter Schrader to presta for bikes with presta valves.
  • Suitable for ball inflation.
  • 2 adapters for a variety of inflatables with both narrow and wide mouth.
  • (please note air compressor tire inflator is not suitable for large volume pools or inflatables) . 4 replacement corks for car tires. 2 corks for bicycle tires. 2 replacement fuses for the DC cable.

Remember: The Prow air compressor will be a smart purchase!

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A PROW Portable Tire Air Compressor Close By

  1. Comfort - You can quickly and easily fill up your car tires with an air compressor for cars and this will save you many trips to the gas station to top up on air. On average, your tires will lose about a kilogram of air (1 PSI) each month, so you need to make sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month. This means that if no air is added for two to three months, tire inflation will probably be lower by up to 3 PSI. When your tires are inflated to their recommended PSI using your tire pump, you will benefit from their optimal lifespan and performance.
  2. Accuracy - Tire manufacturers suggest checking tires when they are cool since that way the reading will be more accurate. Outside temperatures are likely to cause tire pressure to change up to 1 PSI for every 10 degrees; higher temperatures mean a higher PSI reading. Tires are considered cooler when the car has been parked for three hours or more, so the most appropriate time for filling tires is in the morning when the temperatures are low and the car has been parked overnight. Using the car air compressor tire inflator at a gas station means that your tires will likely be “warmer”.
  3. Savings - Fuel savings. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), for every kilogram of pressure (PSI) beneath what is recommended, your vehicle uses about 0.2 percent more fuel. If you neglect to check, it is not uncommon that pressure drops by 10 PSI with which you will have given up 2 percent of your fuel economy. The Department of Transportation estimates that 5 million gallons of fuel is wasted each day because of low tire pressure. That is more than two billion gallons per year of wasted money and energy. Is that not a shame?
  4. Wear and tear - The life expectancy of your tires decreases drastically if they are not properly maintained. A new tire costs about 120 dollars on average. Tires that are not properly inflated can be an enormous danger on the road since they tend to distort and they are liable to burst and cause an accident. For every 3 units of PSI beneath what is recommended there is about 10 percent more wear caused to the tire. If one does not check them, it is not uncommon that a driver will find his tires 10 PSI beneath the manufacturer’s recommendation – causing him 45 percent more wear.
  5. Emergencies - For emergencies, like when you get a puncture in the middle of a trip and there is a small leak in the tire, the portable air pump for car and home will fill them so that you will be able to get home or to the garage to swap the tire and you will not be stuck in the middle of the road waiting no small amount of time for someone to come and fix it.


The Prow tire inflator air compressor for car and home is built for exactly this purpose. It is compact and portable so you will be able to store it in your car and use it at any time with the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle, or alternatively with your home wall electrical socket. This way you can inflate the tires in the garage even without starting the motor. You can also use the tire pump to inflate at home a variety of useful products such as balls, bikes, inflatables etc. with the appropriate adapter nozzles.

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