NT809TS OBD2 Scanner 3-Year Free Update, 2023 Newest One-Stop TPMS Programming Tool, Bluetooth Bidirectional Scan Tool with 30+ Service, Oe-All System Diagnostic, CKP Relearn (4 PCS Sensors)


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🚗【2023 Most Choice TPMS Scanner】 Foxwell NT809TS is the latest obd2 scanner in 2023, as an upgraded/advanced version combining the functions of Foxwell NT809BT/NT809 obd2 scanner and universal TPMS programming tools on the market. The updated TPMS functions helps you fix all TPMS-related issues. It is the most cost-effective comprehensive TPMS function car scanner on the market(Cost less 💵$300 than...

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  • 🚗【2023 Most Choice TPMS Scanner】 Foxwell NT809TS is the latest obd2 scanner in 2023, as an upgraded/advanced version combining the functions of Foxwell NT809BT/NT809 obd2 scanner and universal TPMS programming tools on the market. The updated TPMS functions helps you fix all TPMS-related issues. It is the most cost-effective comprehensive TPMS function car scanner on the market(Cost less 💵$300 than others). Provide 3-Year free upgrade (Valued 💵$500), which is longer than most other similar diagnostic scanners. 🎁🎁You also get 𝙀𝙭𝙩𝙧𝙖 𝙁𝙧𝙚𝙚 𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙨, just click 【Extra Saving】 below the price and 🛒add both to your cart.
  • 🚗【Specialized One-Stop TPMS Service】Are you having trouble with TPMS, but don't know which obd2 scanner is better? This Foxwell NT809TS TPMS programming and relearn tool gives you whole TPMS service. Activate OEM/Universal TPMS sensors, view sensor data (sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, etc.). Program Foxwell T10-sensor to replace bad sensors(Attached 4 PCS Free Sensors, no Need to pay extra!). Provide on-tool relearn procedure for 99% vehicle. This car scanner easily help you solve TPMS failures.
  • 🚗【Most Value Full Bidirectional Control】Foxwell NT809TS car scanner is also one of the most reliable and indispensable Bidirectional Control/Active Tests tools. It performs active tests to control various vehicle parts individually and subsystems to test their working status if are all in good conditions, such as Turn on the radiator fan, Open/Close windows, Test door lock, etc. NT809TS bidirectional scan tool is the first choice of many auto repair shop owners and professional mechanics.
  • 🚗【30+ Common Maintenance Services】As well known, choosing a car scanner with dozens of reset services has become popular. This car diagnostic tool has 31+ services covering all routine maintenance, such as EBP/SAS/SRS/D-P-F/TPS, etc. Save thousands of dollars on your car's maintenance! ⚠️Notice: compatibility will vary on vehicles model and yea. Kindly send VIN to confirm before purchasing via 💌amazonsupport@foxwelltech.com.
  • 🚗【OE-Level All System Diagnostics】 NT809TS car diagnostic scanner performs OE-Level Diagnostics for all car makes from US, European and Asian car markets, coverage 88+ brands and 10000+ Vehicles. Support CAN-FD/CAN/KWP/DOIP Protocol, FCA Autoauth(Need a extra12+8 adapter). Allow to access all available systems, including: Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS/Airbag, PCM, ECM, EPS, etc. And present 4-in-1 live data about your ride with graph and text report. What's more, AutoScan/ AutoVIN feature can quickly identify VIN and retrieve ECU info accurately.
  • 🚗【2023 Most Advanced Tablet Scan Tool】NT809TS diagnostic tool adopts the most advanced hardware equipment and software program to bring you more perfect diagnosis. So you must also know about the NT809TS car scanner: 1️⃣Bluetooth VCI Dongle (Valued $120)to enable remote/wireless diagnosis. 2️⃣Intuitive interface with Android 9.0. 3️⃣Responsive 7" touchscreen. 4️⃣4000mAh Battery. 5️⃣3-Year Free One-click WiFi update (Value $400). 6️⃣FCA Auto Auth for 2018+ FCA cars(Chrysler Jeep Dodge)
  • 💌【Worry-Free Purchase】 We offer 30 Days Unconditional Return, 1-Year Free Warranty, 3-Year Free Update, Lifetime Professional Technical Support. Just be free to contact us via AMZ messages/Email/Q&A Part if you have any doubts, we will reply soon in an average of 5 hours. Moreover, remote assistance feature allows Foxwell engineers to offer professional technical support for you.

Product Description

FOXWELL NT809TS 2 in 1 TPMS Programming Tool--Efficient, Powerful and High-Functioning!!

Whether you're a professional mechanic, a car enthusiast who enjoys working on your own cars, or just someone who wants to avoid expensive diagnostic fees at your local dealership. Foxwell NT809TS Wireless tablet scan tool is definitely the perfect investment you can make. It combines all features of NT809 and NT809BT Scanner. Additionally, it supports whole TPMS Sensors Programming Services, which meets the needs of car owners who would like to complete TPMS Programming on their own selves. Versatile in functioning and easy to use, FOXWELL NT809TS makes for a smart choice for the ardent automobile connoisseur.

  • Attached 4 Pcs FOXWELL T10 TPMS Sensors (2 in 1 315&433MHz) allow you to complete the whole TPMS Programming Function and No Need to pay extra on additional sensors!
  • Coverage on 10000+ Vehicles from the US, European and Asian car markets.
  • Bidirectional/Active Test--Request information from a vehicle's computer or send commands to the vehicle's modules. Those commands will make the module perform specific tests and functions. While ordinary scanners can only receive info from a car's computer, but they can't send commands.
  • 30+ Maintenance Service Resets save you lots of costs on your car's maintenance and no more dealership!
  • Specialized TPMS Sensor Programming can help you do whole TPMS Service--TPMS system diagnosis, TPMS sensor programming, TPMS sensor activation, TPMS sensor relearning. Provide you one-stop tpms diagnostic and sensor replacement.
  • Wireless Bluetooth VCI FoxLink I Connection allow you to efficiently diagnose vehicles from a distance of 80 Inches without limited and tangled cables. No more annoying short cables during diagnostics.
  • One-Click Update Online keep you getting the latest software version to be compatible with more car makes and models. Get rid of the traditional way of computer upgrade.
  • Full OBDII Test Modes--Reading Codes/Reseting Codes/Live Data Stream/I/M Readiness/Freeze Frame/On-Board Monitor Test/O-2 Sensor Test/On-Board Monitor Test/Read Vehicle Information/Component Test.
  • AUTOVIN/AUTOSCAN can automatically identify the vehicle information to retrieve detailed car info and perform a quick scan.
  • OE-Level All System Diagnostic can access all electronic systems and perform the same level of analysis, diagnosis and repair as the OEM dealer.
  • 4 in 1 Live Data Graph reads and displays live data stream in a graphical format or text, making it easy to understand at a glance, help you quickly find potential problems of the vehicle.

Specialized TPMS Programming Services Offers You One-Stop TPMS Solutions!

TPMS, short for Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is a high-tech vehicle safety feature. Its main job is to monitor your car's tires and tell you when the tires are too low to drive safely. When the TPMS system detects that your car's tires are getting very low, it triggers a warning light on the dashboard. Ignoring this light increases the risk of tire wear, poor braking performance, and ultimately reduced vehicle handling. To avoid this, you need a functional TPMS sensor in your vehicle. Whereas, programming your vehicle's TPMS sensor is impossible without TPMS programming. Get FOXWELL NT809TS, and help you do whole TPMS sensors programming.

  1. Diagnose TPMS System: Use Foxwell NT809TS to locate the faulty/blank sensor. Scan wheel after wheel until you get a "sensor not detected" message from the tool. This lets you know where the sensors are on the vehicle.
  2. Program New TPMS Sensors: Start by selecting the model and year of your vehicle on the tool, use the NT809TS to program blank Foxwell T10 TPMS Sensors (2 in 1 315&433MHz). Make sure that programming the sensor prior to installation to the wheel.
  3. Activate TPMS Sensors: After the sensor has been successfully programmed and installed into the wheel, use the NT809TS to complete a TPMS relearn procedure.
  4. Relearn to Match the Sensor with On-board System: All car makes and models have different service requirements, including tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). The procedure needs to be relearned when the TPMS sensor is replaced or the wheel has been rotated. NT809TS offers you methods about how to complete relearn procedures.

30+ Maintenance Reset Services Save Tons of Dollars on Your Car's Maintenance!

  • ABS Bleeding: When the ABS system contains air, the brake system needs to be exhausted through the ABS Bleeding function to restore the braking sensitivity of the ABS system
  • Oil Light Reset: Allows you to perform reset for the Engine Oil Life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate. The Oil Life Reminder must be reset every time the oil is changed, so the system can calculate when the next oil change is required.
  • D-P-F Regeneration: The D-P-F function allows you to carry out numerous functions to the D-P-F system without having to send your car to a main dealer. The tool will manage D-P-F regeneration, D-P-F component replacement teach-in and D-P-F teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
  • EPB(Electronic Parking Brake)Service: This function has a multitude of usages to maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively. The applications include deactivating and activating the brake control system, assisting with brake fluid control, opening and closing brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.
  • SAS(Steering Angel Sensor) Service: Steering Angle Sensor Calibration permanently stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM. Therefore, the front wheels and the steering wheel must be set exactly to the straight-ahead position before calibration. In addition, the vehicle identification number is also read from the instrument cluster and stored permanently in the steering angle sensor EEPROM. On successful completion of calibration, the steering angle sensor fault memory is automatically cleared.
  • Battery Registration/BMS Match: The BMS (Battery Management System) allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle. (NOTE: For BMW models, it can only register the Same type and capacity battery.)
  • Crank Position/Camshaft Relearn: Failure to reset the CKP sensor can result in flashbacks, failed restarts, and similar other failures that can result in poor engine performance. To ensure your CKP sensor is in sync with the ECM and cam, it should be reset after replacing the sensor.
  • TPS(T-hrottle Position Sensor) Reset: Initialize the t-hrottle v-alve actuator of the car to make the learning value of the ECU return to the initial state, so that the action of adjusting the t-hrottle v-alve (or idle motor) can be more accurately controlled to adjust the intake air volume.
  • Injector Coding: Also called calibration code, for precise communication and injection control. There is a tolerance in the production process of the injector, and the coding is generated according to the size of the tolerance. If the fuel injector is replaced or the fuel injector code is not done after initialization, it may cause the engine to work weakly, or the e-mission exceeds the standard, or even cause the engine to fail to start.
  • HeadLamp Match: Initialize the adaptive headlight system. The adaptive headlight system can decide whether to automatically turn on the headlights according to the ambient light intensity, monitor the driving speed of the vehicle, body posture, etc., and adjust the lighting angle of the headlights in a timely manner.

More included: AFR Adaption/Clutch Adaption/CVT/EVAP/S-MOG Test/Windowsdoor/Language Change/Prime Fuel Pump/Replace Airbag ECU Module/Seat Match/T-urbo/TCMOIL/Transmission Adaptation/TPMS Reset/E-G-R Reset/Fuel Pressure Test/G Sensor Learn/O-2 Sensor Test/Ods Initialization/OPDS Initializaiton

Kindly Note: Available functions differ from different car conditions, kindly provide us with your car info(Model, Released Year and VIN) for better confirmation.

Powerful Bi-directional/Active Test Features Helps You Diagnose Vehicle Quickly and Efficiently!

FOXWELL NT809TS Diagnostic Tool supports bi-directional control over various car systems, sub-systems, and components and performs active tests(function tests) to determine the test integrity of the system or parts by reading the ECU data or by monitoring the operation of the actuators, such as switching a solenoid, relay, or switch, between two operating states.

Including but not limited to the following tests:

  • Turn on the radiator fan
  • Modulate the t-hrottle
  • Open/Close windows
  • Operate mirrors
  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Turn on/off the sound horn
  • Test door lock
  • More

Wireless BlueTooth 80-Inch Connection, Get Rid of Limited Short Cables!

Have you ever used the traditional diagnostic tool with limited short cable? Do you want to diagnose freely out of your car instead of your narrow driving seat? FOXWELL NT809TS Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool comes with a Bluetooth VCI Foxlink I Connector, which is on the cutting edge of BT wireless technology to make data transmission more stable and faster, and the working range is extended to 80 Inches, which brings you a huge convenience during your car diagnostics.

The Perfect Investment You Can Make!


Are you feel limited when using the TPMS programming tool which cannot program your existing sensors? FOXWELL NT809TS attaches 4 PCS of NEW TPMS Sensors (Valued at 150 USD)! Enables you to complete the whole TPMS Programming Function and No Need to pay extra on additional sensors.


Are you feel annoying when input VIN numbers up to 17 digits? AutoVIN function automatically identifies your vehicle's information and enters it into diagnostic modules. (Just click the icon "VIN" at the top control). Meanwhile, AutoScan performs a comprehensive scanning of all the systems in the vehicle ECU to locate faults and retrieve DTCs with one click.


All diagnostic data can be saved and generated into a report. Just enter into "Data Manager">"Report". It can be saved as a PDF and shared with your friends/customers via E-mail/Bluetooth/Printer/WiFi. Moreover, it allows you to record and playback your data log to catch intermittent faults.


Auxiliary tools such as Camera, and ES File Explorer. Allows you to use this scanner more conveniently. Meanwhile, the font size adjust gives you better control of the font size when you feel it's too small to view. Just select Settings>Font Size and select the proper size.

You can add, text, html, images and videos as well to the tab from product settings area

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