R3 Dash Cam, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 5.0 Ghz Wifi, Built-In GPS, 2K-1440P+1080P+1080P, 24-HR Parking Monitor, Supercapacitor, Supports up to 512GB Max


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【Experience The Difference with ROVE】ROVE R3 is a 3 channel touch screen dash camera for cars. This is all you need for any dash cam need and enthusiast, period. It has all the bells and whistles with an industry-changing design that features 3 Inch IPS Touch Screen with just a single power button and the rest is done magically by...

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  • 【Experience The Difference with ROVE】ROVE R3 is a 3 channel touch screen dash camera for cars. This is all you need for any dash cam need and enthusiast, period. It has all the bells and whistles with an industry-changing design that features 3 Inch IPS Touch Screen with just a single power button and the rest is done magically by ROVE's custom-designed firmware of this dash camera.
  • 【Beautifully Designed and User Friendly yet Super Powerful】It took us 1.5 years to design this. So think about how meticulously we have designed it, that we call it a smart dash camera that anyone can start using right out of the box. (NOTE: The memory card is required and it is NOT included - purchase separately, supports micro-sd, class 10 U3 speed, up to 512GB max)
  • 【Let's talk about all the bells and whistles】Here we go, It's got 3" IPS touch screen, 3 channel recording front + cabin + rear, the all-new 2022 ROVE APPs for iOS and Android, remote firmware updates, always ON dual-band 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz built-in WiFi for super-fast transfer speed, Built-In GPS for live speed, compass, and location stamps, proprietary fail-safe voice guidance, supercapacitor offers safety and longer product life unlike other internal battery dash cams.
  • 【More bells and whistles】24 hours parking monitor, G-Sensor, proprietary distortion correction algorithm, loop recording, built-in digital image stabilization, f1.4 lens aperture allows more light in the camera capturing the smallest details on the road, wide dynamic range, advanced H.265 and H.264 video compression technology, four hidden IR LEDs for cabin camera recording in complete darkness, screen saver, USB Type C ports and included fast dual USB charger, time-lapse video and so much more
  • 【Best Part of ROVE R3 is Its User Experience】Our bottom line is user experience. The best part of the ROVE R3 is the 5.0GHz WiFi and the all-new beautifully designed ROVE APPs. Its always ON WiFi feature allows you to seamlessly view your videos on your smartphone using the Rove dash cam app. Purchasing ROVE R3 comes with so-called a unique ROVERS experience that you will notice when you hold this dash car camera - dash cam front and rear with a cabin in your hands.
  • 【Super Safety by Super Capacitor】ROVE R3 is powered by a Super Capacitor rather than a lithium-ion battery. This ensures survivance and safety in both extreme hot and cold weather conditions from -4°F (-20°C) ~ +158°F (+70°C). Unlike regular internal batteries, Super Capacitors provide a longer camera lifespan and prevent internal damage.
  • 【100% USA-Chicago Based Customer-Centric Company & Customer Care】The ROVE R3 dashboard camera is backed by a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Email our customer care or text us for (Faster Response), and we will answer any of your questions and resolve any ongoing issues as quickly as possible. It comes with a FULL REFUND within 30 DAYS if you face any problems with the dash cam.
  • NOTE: Make sure you purchase the correct hardwire kit for ROVE R3. The Correct Hardwire kit for ROVE R3 is ASIN: B0B7235VLX (Do NOT purchase frequently bought together HWK, as it is suggesting incorrect Kit)

Product Description

America's leading Dash Cam brand, ROVE INNOTECH, introduces its all-new ROVE R3 dash cam -- delivering the unique user experience ever!

ROVE INNOTECH, the leading brand in dashboard camera technology, today launched its most advanced and powerful Dash Camera – the ROVE R3, on customer’s demand. The new ROVE R3 offers several unique features which distinguish it as a top-rated in-car video dash camera.

What is included in the box?
  • ROVE R3 Primary Dash Cam (Front + Cabin)
  • ROVE R3 Rear Dash Cam
  • 4.8 AMPs Dual USB Fast Car Charger
  • 6M Type-C USB Rear Cam Cable
  • 12FT Type-C USB Power Cable (for primary dash cam)
  • 1M Type-C USB Data Cable
  • Windshield 3M Sticky Mount
  • Car Wiring Tool & 5X Cable Hiding Clips
  • 2X Dirt Removal Pads, spare 3M Stickies, Electrostatic Films, User Manual, Quick Start Guide
  • NOTE: Memory Card is NOT Included. Purchse Separately. We recommend ROVE Ultimate Micro SD Card. ASIN: B0BGV6W8QX
  • USB Type-C Inputs
  • Dual G-Sensors
  • 4 Hidden IR LED for Cabin Camera
  • Seamless Loop Recording
  • True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
  • F1.4 Aperture - Largest, allows more light capture
  • Time-Lapse Video
  • H.265 & H.264 Advanced Video Compression Technology

Experience the difference with this ROVE R3

A 3-Channel Touch Screen Smart Dash Cam

Why Choose ROVE?

  • ROVE is an American start-up from the windy city of Chicago, IL.
  • At ROVE, we don't just sell dash cams. we sell our obsession, which is user experience, video quality, and all features.
  • We are constantly improving and providing FREE firmware updates and APP updates for iOS & Android.
  • 100% US-based support. We have got your back if you need any help setting up your camera. have issues, questions, or concerns.
  • Safety Certified & Tested: Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS & UL Certificates
  • High-End 3-Channel Touch Screen Dash Cam
  • 3" IPS Touch Screen
  • ROVE's Custom Designed User Friendly Software
  • Voice Guidance & Fail Safe Recording Voice Feedback
  • Built-In Dual Band WiFi - 5.0GHz Fast Download Speed up to 15mbps
  • Built-in GPS for Live Speed, Compass and Geo Tagging
  • Over the Air Firmware Updates from the all NEW 2022 ROVE APPs
  • 24-Hours Parking Monitor - Hardwire Kit Required, NOT Included in the packaging, Purchase separately.

Dual-Band WiFi (5.0 & 2.4 GHz) || Download your videos faster than ever before!


This is what makes ROVE R3 a very unique unlike any other dash cam!

What makes R3 the most accessible dash cam in its segment is its 3-inch IPS touchscreen display, so there is just one button on the camera to power it up, and the rest of the magic is done by the touch of your fingers.

Voice Guidance & Alerts

  • ROVE R3’s Voice Guidance feature guides you with voice feedback while turning the features ON/OFF.
  • Voice Alert feature in R3 alerts you with a voice stating, “The camera is NOT recording the video” in the event of the memory card failure, and “The parking mode got activated while you were away” when you restart your vehicle after the G-sensor’s activation.

ROVE R3 is a Super Capacitor Dash Cam

Why Super Capacitor?

  • Longer Product Life - Unlike other dash cams with batteries, where they are only as good until their internal battery lasts. But with ROVE R3 & Supercapacitor it extends its product life for years to come for your hard-earned investment.
  • Fire and Explosion Proof providing safety first.
  • Withstands Higher Heat & Cold Temperature Geographically.

Things you should know & consider before purchasing your ROVE R3 Dash Cam:

  1. MEMORY CARD: The memory Card is NOT Included in the packaging. Purchase separately. Supports Up To 512GB Max. We recommend ROVE Ultimate Class 10, U3 Speed Micro SD Card. ASIN: B0BGV6W8QX | Link: amazon.com/dp/B0BGV6W8QX
  2. BUNDLE UP & SAVE: We provide savings by choosing the right bundle (i.e., ROVE R3 + ROVE Ultimate 512GB Memory Card + R3-Hardwire Kit). Click on the "Visit the ROVE Store" link below the title to check out our various bundles.
  3. 24-Hours Parking Monitor: To utilize a 24-HR parking monitor, you need to provide power to your dash cam while away from your car. Hardwiring your dash cam to your car's fuse box is necessary to give power to the dash cam. ROVE R3 Hardwire Kit is NOT Included in the packaging. Purchase separately. Correct R3 HWK amazon.com/dp/B0B7235VLX Make sure you purchase the correct hardwire kit for your R3. Other hardwire kits will NOT work with your R3. We have custom designed this hardwire kit specifically for ROVE R3, which is DIY, easy to install, and designed to recognize when your car's engine is turned ON or OFF so it can work automatically for a top-notch user experience.
  4. Always Plug into Power: ROVE R3 is a supercapacitor dash cam. This means it does NOT have an internal battery, and you will need to keep it plugged into power for operation. All dash cams work like this, whether it is a supercapacitor or an internal battery dash camera.
  5. Built-In WiFi Feature: The WiFi range of R3 is 10 meters from the dash cam. R3 is NOT a cloud dash cam, and you can't view your videos remotely away from more than 10 meters from your car. To utilize the WiFi feature, you must stay within the 10 meters range from your ROVE R3 Dash Cam. Like your home WiFi, you don't get a WiFi signal outside your home, the same way the WiFi range for this tiny device is 10 meters.
  6. Temperature & Over Heat Protection: ROVE R3 has a built-in temperature sensor for overheat protection. To prolong the device’s life, the temperature sensor must shut down the camera operation when the temperature exceeds the limitation of the device. Most other dash cams fail too quickly because they don't have temperature sensors, and when the temperature exceeds, there is nothing to stop them from overheating. They keep operating even when they are overheated. When that happens, they quit working when internal component damage occurs due to overheating and operation simultaneously. Managing heating issues in a dash cam is a challenge for any dash cam manufacturer. With that said, ROVE R3 has this safety feature in place, allowing our users to benefit from the extended product life. One thing to consider is that during parking mode on a hot sunny day, there will be a greenhouse effect inside the car, which increases temperature significantly when your car is parked under the sun. For example, when your car is parked in the parking lot under the sun for about 1 hour or so, you can't even touch the dashboard as soon as you open the car because it is too hot to touch and is heating from the sun and greenhouse effect during sunny afternoon days. In the same way, ROVE R3 is a touchscreen device, and it will become hot just like any other device. Please NOTE that when the temperature exceeds the operating temperature, the built-in overheat protection sensor will turn OFF your dash cam automatically to prevent internal damage. It will not resume until the device is cooled down. This generally only affects those rare hot days and during parking mode. This does not affect users when driving because when we start to drive, we either have air conditioning running or windows are down; we are not driving in an oven. So the dash cam will also be cooled down at the same time. We hope this makes sense and, as requested by our users, it is a good idea to educate our valued customers in advance.

There is no perfect product; however, we will always do our best to provide that perfect care to you.

Thank you for reading till the end, and we can't wait to welcome you to the ROVE Family!



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