True 2.7K 1944P Ultra Full HD Dash Cam Pro Plus+ A500S, Front and Rear, Built in Wifi GPS Smart Dash Camera for Cars, ADAS, Sony IMX335, 2'' IPS LCD Screen, WDR, Night Vision


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【Front and Rear Dash Cam】Without the rear camera, the dash cam provides you with a 1944P high resolution. Equipped with the 70mai RC06 rear camera, the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ can achieve dual-channel recording, providing all-around protection so you can drive with peace of mind. In dual recording mode, this smart dash cam allows you to select different resolutions...

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  • 【Front and Rear Dash Cam】Without the rear camera, the dash cam provides you with a 1944P high resolution. Equipped with the 70mai RC06 rear camera, the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ can achieve dual-channel recording, providing all-around protection so you can drive with peace of mind. In dual recording mode, this smart dash cam allows you to select different resolutions of 2592x1944P(front)+1920x1080P(rear), 2560x1920P(front)+1920x1080P(rear) and 1920x1440P(front)+1920x1080P(rear)
  • 【Sony IMX335 Sensor & Outstanding Image Quality】The dash cam is equipped with the SONY IMX335 image sensor, making it an extraordinary camera for your recording. With Sony IMX335 high sensitivity image sensor, 6-glass lens, and F/1.8 aperture, the dash cam effectively capturing the clarity of images even in dim light. Most importantly, this dash cam supports WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) and 3D DNR( Digital Noise Reduction) technology, provides your dash cam with outstanding image quality
  • 【ADAS System Featured Dash Cam】Equipped with the Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), your smart dash cam detects surroundings to alert you of potential safety issues, such as when you start drifting from your lane or get too close to the car ahead. More than just a recording device, the Pro Plus+ guards your safety with the next level of smart features
  • 【Built-in GPS & Route Tracking】(Kind Reminder: All customer data are only saved locally. 70mai will not breach your data or private information for business purposes or any other intentions.) With the built-in GPS, the dash cam monitors and displays real-time trip data including time, speed(km/h, mph), and coordinates. Tracks the exact location of an accident if one should occur, crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims
  • 【24-Hour Parking Monitoring Dash Cam & Built-in G-Sensor】With the built-in G-sensor, the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ auto wakes up and starts recording when it detects sudden shakes or collisions while your car is stationary. To solidly provide you with 24-hour parking peace of mind and protection, the dash cam will notify you through voice alert once it's turned back on (The 70mai Hardwire Kit (ASIN:B08R5SBKZR) is required for parking monitoring mode, and is sold separately.)
  • 【In-app Control & Footage Sharing】Sharing is not a problem anymore with the dash cam 2.7K A500S, the 70mai App supports both iOS & Android systems, allowing you to view and download videos via Wi-Fi hotspot connection. In case of an accident, you can simply share the footage with your insurance provider for a more efficient claims process. Also, this function enables you to achieve continuous OTA updates by automatically fixing bugs and updating software
  • 【Seamless Loop Recording】The 2.7K dash cam A500S overwrites the oldest videos with new content when the SD card is full, so the dash cam can achieve continues recording. You can change the video file length from 1,2,3min by settings. This cam supports microSD cards with a minimum capacity of 16GB and a read/write speed of U1(UHS-1) and above

Product Description

The best-selling front & rear dash cam with driver assistance features

  • Sony Sensor IMX335
  • 2592x1944P(True 2.7K)
  • 2 Inch IPS LCD
  • Built-in GPS
  • WDR & 3D DNR
  • ADAS
  • Automatic Emergency Recording
  • Loop Recording
  • App Control (iOS/Android supported)
  • Time-lapse Recording(Enabled by the 70mai Hardwire Kit, ASIN:B08R5SBKZR)
  • 24-Hour Parking Surveillance(Enabled by the 70mai Hardwire Kit, ASIN:B08R5SBKZR)

Dual-channel dash cam at top-spot recommendation

What's in the Box?

Front Cam

  • 70mai Dash Cam A500S/ Mount/ Power Cord/ USB Car Charger/ Wiring Crowbar/ Electrostatic Sticker/ User Manual

Rear Cam

  • 70mai Rear Camera RC06/ Rear Signal Wire/ Electrostatic Sticker/ User Manual
  • Hardwire kit UP02 (B08R5SBKZR)
  • Power cord (B0BFHKWWPX)
  • Installation accessories (B09MKFBDPN)

Warm Tips

  1. Distance of Wifi connection: 3-5 meters (You are away from the car recorder will automatically disconnect)
  2. Power Supply: Cigarette lighter/ 70mai hardwire kit UP02 (Please connect the power supply to use)
  3. Video Resolution: 2592x1944P(Front)&1920x1080P(Rear)/ 2560x1920P(Front)&1920x1080P(Rear)/ 1920x1440P(Front)&1920x1080P(Rear)
  4. Operating Temperature: 14℉ to 140℉ (Front & Rear)
  5. Cable Length: 3.5m (Front) & 5.5m (Rear)
  • Professional Support
  • If you encounter any problems, please message us (Store:70mai) first, we would love to hear from you and respond your any request.

Sony Sensor IMX335

Sony IMX335 with STARVIS technology have the sensitivity well above that of the human eye. It delivers excellent performance in the low- illumination monitoring. It not only capture the targets in dark places, but even visualize it textures clearly.

Front 1944P & Rear 1080P Recording

70mai dash cam pro plus+ provides you two-way coverage of the road in ahead, and what is coming up behind. Its 140° FOV of the front cam can cover three lanes of traffic for everyday needs and reduce the distortion of ultra-wide angle.

Superior Night Vision

F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to brighten up dark scenes. 3D DNR(Dynamic Noise Reduction) and smart AI algorithm reduce image noise dramatically. WDR(Wide Dynamic Range) algorithm auto-adjusts the exposure balance of the finest, with no more annoying over-exposure and under-exposure.

2 Emergency Recording Modes

With the advanced G-sensor built-in, the camera will automatically record and save videos from shocks or collisions while driving. you can also manually press the button to lock and save memorable moments on the go.

(Note: The sensitivity of the G-sensor can be changed by settings).

Loop Recording

After activating the dash cam for the first time, the camera A500S automatically turns on/off recording when the car is switched on/off. Newly recorded videos will automatically overwrite unlocked videos to free up more memory space. When the SD card memory reaches its limit, simply delete the video manually or format the SD card and re-record.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

A500S comes equipped with LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System).When the car deviates from the lane, the dash cam issues a real-time voice alert; the cam also reminds you to keep a safe distance during driving, effectively improving the driving safety factor.

Free OTA Upgrade

We will continuously improve the performance of the dash cam through OTA upgrades, disconnecting your phone from the cam and downloading the firmware using an external network before proceeding, and finally reconnecting the dash cam and pushing the firmware upgrade. On the go you can use the 70mai APP to download videos to your iPhone or Android; it is also easy to share videos with family and friends on various social media through the app.

SD Card Guidance

70mai dash cam A500S supports MicroSD cards with a capacity of 16GB to 128GB and a read/write speed of U1 (UHS-1) and above. SD cards are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately. SD cards should be formatted when first used. Please also note the direction of insertion of the SD card, reverse insertion will result in damage to the card slot.

Unique Design of Dash Cam

The A500S features an easy-to-remove design with a sliding back cover that can be easily removed. You can quickly replay videos by pressing the button on the panel or through the 70mai app. In addition, you can also use a card reader to get video clips from an SD card or use a Micro USB cable to get the clips you want.

(Note: When transferring files from the car camera to your computer, use a Micro USB cable with data transfer capability.)

Gets a little more peace of mind - 24H Parking Surveillance & Time-lapse Recording

A suite of handy features, like G-sensor, loop recording, 24H parking surveillance and time-lapse recording make the 70mai pro plus+ dash cam a tempting proposition for the vast majority of users.

70mai hardwire kit UP02 is customized for 24-hour auto-triggered parking surveillance, time-lapse recording and voice alerts. Designed to connect your dash cam directly to your car's fuse box, this hardwire kit provides safe and continuous power to your camera from your car's battery when your car is turned off.

Also the camera will inform you of any parking accidents by a voice notification immediately after it is switched on.

* We also have a video on this, please contact 70mai after sales support that will walk you through the installation instructions step by step.

Video Resolution 1920*1080 1920*1080 2592*1944 2592*1944 3840*2160
Screen Size N/A 2 Inch N/A 2 Inch 3 Inch
Field of View 130° 130° 170° 140° 140°
Camera Type Front only Front only eMMC Built-in Storage -Front only Front ( Optional Rear Dash Cam ) Front & Rear
Built-in GPS N/A Optional
Emergency Recording
ADAS System N/A N/A
Time-lapse Recording N/A N/A
Loop Recording
App Control

You can add, text, html, images and videos as well to the tab from product settings area

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