Upgraded NT301 OBD2 Scanner Battery Tester, 2 in 1 NT301 plus Code Reader Scan Tool 12V 100-2000 CCA Battery Charging Cranking Test, Check Engine EVAP Check Live Data Diagnostic Tool 2023


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【2023 Upgraded NT301, Latest Enhanced Vehicle Doctor】 As 2 IN 1 Car Battery Tester Code Reader with 12V battery tester, NT301Plus covers ALL Functions of NT301✅Full OBDII /EOBD troubleshooting✅One-click I/M Readiness - helps you pass s-m-o-g check✅Also adds 12V Battery Analyzer, Regular Flooded, AGM, and gel battery testing, tests starting(cranking) and charging system, which provides a easy and affordable solution...

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  • 【2023 Upgraded NT301, Latest Enhanced Vehicle Doctor】 As 2 IN 1 Car Battery Tester Code Reader with 12V battery tester, NT301Plus covers ALL Functions of NT301✅Full OBDII /EOBD troubleshooting✅One-click I/M Readiness - helps you pass s-m-o-g check✅Also adds 12V Battery Analyzer, Regular Flooded, AGM, and gel battery testing, tests starting(cranking) and charging system, which provides a easy and affordable solution for technicians and DIY users
  • 🔥【Additional Functions - Helping you to Identify Failing Battery】1️⃣Battery Health Test to check the battery working condition to help you avoid battery damage from unnecessary recharges,2️⃣Charging System Test to check the working condition of generator/rectifier diode/charging current,3️⃣Read Battery Voltage to detect faults/bad cells to judge the batteries die or not,4️⃣ Starting(Cranking) System Test to check the working condition of starter motor
  • 【One-Click I/M Readiness, A Must Tool for S-m-o-g Check】The Obd Car Scanner features with one-click I/M key can get emission readiness status and trouble codes, to check if the pass vehicle s-m-o-g inspection. Features with colored LED lights and build-in beeper provide both visual and audible reminders for e-m-ission check and DTCs
  • 【More Accurate Foxwell Automotive Battery Tester】The Car Scanner Diagnostic for all cars Can check kind of battery conditions( such as volts, measured value, soc, soh and res) and multiple rating systems - CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SEA, including regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and GEL batteries.🚩NOTE: Don't support alternator load test
  • 【Real-time Diagnostic Live Data Stream In Graphic】The Car Diagnostic Tool shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graph formats and allows to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters[ such as FUELSYS(fuel system status), ECT(Engine Coolant Temperature), EVAP_PCT(Commanded Evaporation Purge), etc.
  • 【Wide Compatibility, Meet Your Needs】Compatible for Standard OBD2 vehicles with 12V batteries from 1996(in USA) to now, including compliant cars, light-duty trucks, 12V diesels, SUVs, minivans , hybrid, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, Mower and Pickup truck.🚩The compatibility may be various, if you cannot confirm it, pls contact us. Best gift idea for your boyfriends, husband and familiars who is vehicle enthusiasts and mechanics
  • 【DTC Lookup to Help Repair】The built-in DTC library with 10W+ detailed definition helps you understand the specific engine faults. In addition, the obd2 scanner diagnostic tool not only support the definition and query of fault codes, also support the fault code maintenance help functions to provides some maintenance guidance for you
  • 【Multilingual, Lifetime Free Update】Foxwell obd2 scanner provides multilingual for English, Spanish, German, French, Japaness and so on. Lifetime FREE upgrade via Windows 7/8/10 to keep you stay current with the latest development of diagnosis.
  • 【Purchase Note】Dear Customer, if you reciew a wrong item and wrong product box or label, please kindly mark it unsellable(damaged) to avoid an wrong one is resold again to other customers. Appreciate very much!

Product Description

2023 Upgraded Version-- Professional Mechanic iNT301 Plus OBD2 Scanner + Battery Tester for all Vehicles

--> Why Do you Choose FOXWELL NT301 Plus ? --- Easiest , Cost-effective and Accurate Diagnosis

  • In my case I purchased it as I knew I may be facing an expensive repair if the diagnostics took me down that path. Instead the repair required was a lot less than anticipated. The value of the obd2 reader was it prepared me for the worse case scenario that luckily wasn't required.
  • So for an average vehicle owner like myself, it provides an insight as to why a check engine light comes on and to plan the repair informed. It also was helpful to know my battery was dead, so I didn't just jump start it, and then get stranded somewhere.

Since I Used the Diagnostic Device, it brought me More Surprises and found that it was a Treasure, Exactly what I Needed. Such As

  1. Easy to Use ( Plug&Play) -- Plug it in and follow the promts. It gives a description of what might set off certain codes and it has the ability to erase codes. Support EVAP Test.
  2. Reset a Check Engine Light -- When plugged in the Foxwell unit and it checked my car and reset my CEL in minutes. It allowed me to rea code and test engine light at home.
  3. Pass S-m-o-g Check(One-Key I/M Readiness) --The e-mi-ssions light keeps on coming on even with a new gas cap fully tightened. It has also been checked by a dealer and a highly recommended independent mechanic shop in my area. Everyone tells me the e-mi-ssions system is fine including the state e-mi-ssions inspector. When the I/M light came on again i bought this unit, and we were able to verify the I/M issue again and clear the message immediately.
  4. Battery Health Checker -- Car Scanner Can read details of battery conditions on many levels, such as provide the basic voltage, measured cranking amps, internal resistance, state of charge, and battery health information. Can Test the starting(cranking) and charging system.
  5. One-Clik Updates -- And comes with lifetime updates, it also comes with latest software, which can be used out of box and no need to waste time to download the software first.
  6. Convenient and User-friendly -- The cord nicely connects to the OBD2 port under the dash and is of adequate length for me to sit comfortably in the drivers seat. From there the unit powered on with no issues and immediately provided the status of my obd system by the three colored LEDs on the face of the unit. Also the included battery test cables are excellent quality, come with strong large clamps and the super flexible cable.
  7. Multilingual Languages -- English, Spanish, Germany, Japaness, Dutch, Italian, French etc.

Replace Your Bad Battery In Time

--> Quick response, Easy Battery Testing

  1. Multiple automotive [8V-18V] applications: compliant cars, light-duty trucks, 12V diesels, SUVs, minivans , hybrid, Golf Cart, Motorcycle, Mower and Pickup truck sold worldwide;
  2. Tests batteries from rated from 100 to 2000CCA. Cold Cranking Amps settings is in increments of 1 and you can line up with your battery ratings from 100 to 2000CCA;
  3. Tests multiple battery types- regular flooded, AGM flat plate ,AGM spiral and gel;
  4. Tests multiple rating systems-CCA,BCI,CA,MCA,JIS,DIN,IEC,EN,SAE,GB;
  5. Support both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle test, no need to remove the battery;
  6. Provide reliable results within seconds, accurancy up to 99.9%; display suggestion according to the testing results (Good, Recharge, Replace), detects bad cells directly;
  7. Suitable for automobile factory, garage, auto battery manufacturer, and DIY enthusiasts, etc.
  8. Please note that this battery tester for car can't do load test and deep cycle.
  9. Test 12 volt starting ( cranking ) and charging system.


- If there are abnormal test results, maybe your battery is overcharged or incompletely charged. So, the battery will be damaged or its life will be greatly shortened, then you can take action to deal with this issue.

Multi-Dimensional Display of Battery Status!


After the connect the battery via our clamp, turn on the ignition and enter to battery test to test cranking (starting) system.

  1. Enter the battery test and start the engine as prompted, will conduct and complete the test automatically
  2. If cranking voltage value is lower than 11.8V, the cranking system is regarded as abnormal
  3. If cranking voltage value is higher than 11.8V, then cranking system is working well


Use this battery tester to check if the generator provides sufficient power to the vehicle electrical system, and if the battery can hold the charge.

More data are also included: CCA value/rating, voltage, internal resistance, state of health (SOH), and state of charge.

State of health (SoH) is a figure of merit of the condition of a battery (or a cell, or a battery pack), compared to its ideal conditions.


Plug and play--input the rated battery capacity, NT301 Plus will start analyzing the battery's CCA value, charge (%), voltage (v), rated CCA, battery healthy (%) and display the test result on screen within seconds.

  • GOOD BATTERY -- Good Condition
  • GOOD-RECHARGE -- The battery is in good condition but low current, be need to fully charge and return it
  • CHARGE & RETEST -- Failure to fully charge the battery before testing may result in inaccurate results. If you still get the CHARGE & RETEST message after you fully charge the battery, replace it.
  • REPLACE BATTERY -- The battery is almost dead,or the connection is poor. Replace the battery and retest, or disconnect the battery cables and retest the battery using the out-of-vehicle test before replacing it.
  • BAD CELL-REPLACE -- Need to replace the battery and retest.

Super Effective, Useful Tool for Scanning the Vehicle and Battery

--> Affordable and Professional

One-click I/M Readiness Status

  • Shows whether the various e-mi-ssions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing.
  • Can know if your car is ready for a s-m-o-g check in 3 seconds by pressing I/M button(rubber), because it’s to Comprehensive component / test Misfire / Fuel system.

Turn off Annoying Warning Light

  • The code scanner provides the same fault codes and real-time data as an auto repair shop, while you can quickly locate where the fault lies, and if it's a simple problem, you can fix it yourself.
  • After the trouble is repaired, this check engine code reader can help clear the code and the light will automatically turn off within second.

EVAP System Test

  • Enhancede mode 8 lets you initiate a leak test for the vehicle’s EVAP system. The tool does not perform the leak test, but signals to the vehicle's on-board computer to initiate the test.

Live Data in Text & Graph

  • There are over 40 graphing live data to list some: FUELSYS(fuel system status), LOAD_PCT(Calculated load value),ECT(Engine Coolant Temperature), SHRTFT(Short term fuel trim-bank), LONGFT(Long term fuel trim-bank), Engine RPM, VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor), O2SLOC(Location of Ox-y-gen Sensors), EVAP_PCT(Commanded Evaporative Purge), etc.

Enjoy Quick E-mi-ssion Test

  • OBDII regulations require certain vehicles monitor and test oxygen (O2) sensors to isolate fuel and e-mi-ssions related faults. The O2 Monitor Test function is used to retrieve completed O-2 sensors monitor test results.

Built-in DTC Library

  • Featured with the DTC Lookup, you can quickly know the meaning of fault code though this code reader&scan tool, which is easy to pin point and check out many issues on your vehicle that you will be earlier to know the exact issue. Click "?" and a more detailed description of the DTC will be presented.

Quick to Check Any Hidden Issues

  • The ECU is what Triggers the Check Engine Light when there is a problem, Parts might cause your Check Engine Light On include:

#1. Gas Cap #2. Air Fuel Ratio Sensor #3. Mass Air Flow Sensor #4. Ignition Coils #5. Spark Plug Wires #6. Spark Plugs #7. Thermostat #8. Catalytic Converter.#9. Evaporatative E-mi-ssion Canister Purge Valve(EVAP) and ect.

  • Enhance OBDII Functions:

1. Enhanced OBD2 Mode 6 On Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems.

2. OBDII monitors supported: Misfire Monitor, Fuel System Monitor, Comprehensive Components Monitor, Catalyst Monitor, Heated Catalyst Monitor, Evaporative System Monitor, Secondary Air System Monitor, Air Conditioning Refrigerant Monitor, Oxy-gen Sen--sor Monitor, Oxy--gen Sen-sor Heater Monitor.

  • Wider Coverage, Better NT301 Plus:

1. America Car List : (include Brazil) Need standard obd2, and release from 2001 years to now Fit for Chrysler, Fit for Ford, Fit for GM, Fit for Jeep

2. Europe Car List: Need standard obd2, and release from 2004 years to now Fit for Alfa Romeo, Fit for SAAB,Fit for Acura, Fit for Opel, Fit for Audi, Fit for Seat, Fit for Peugeot, Fit for Bentley, Fit for Skoda, Fit for Daewoo, Fit for Benz, Fit for Daihatsu, Fit for Land Rover Fit for BMW, Fit for Vauxhall, Fit for Citroen, Fit for Volvo, Fit for Fiat, Fit for VW, Fit for Ford, Fit for Jaguar.

3. Asia Car List : (include Australia) Japanese car Need standard obd2 , and release from 2006 years to now Fit for KIA , Fit for Isuzu , Fit for Honda , Fit for Mitsubishi, Fit for Hyundai , Fit for Dacia , Fit for Lexus , Fit for Mazda Fit for Nissan , Fit for Subaru , Fit for Suzuki, Fit for Toyota

4. Chinese Car List : Chinese car Need standard obd2 , and release from 2011 years to now Fit for BYD, Fit for Chery, Fit for Geely, Fit for Great Wall, Fit for Karry

NOTE : About Ssangyong Actyon, Kyron, Rexton, from 2011-2017 years, Ssangyong Korando from 2013-2017 years for Renault cars from 2016-2018 years. The scanner Does not support Renault / Dacia Logan, Clio. Also Does not support LADA, UAZ, VAZ No Car OBD2. If the device does not fit your car, please try to test it on another new car.

Can Work in Hot & Cold

You live in someplace where the weather is harsh? Then you need this durable car battery tester, which can stand the extreme cold and heat (operation temp. range: -4℉~140℉, -20℃~65℃).

● Tips for Better User Experience:

  1. The battery analyzer works on cars, SUVs and light trucks. DC Voltmeter test range is 8-18V, and the tester will be damaged if the voltage goes beyond the range;
  2. Work out of box. No need for updates/adjustments.
  3. The tester will automatically start up after the clamps are correctly connected.

● Tow Test Methods:

  • In Vehicle – no need to remove the battery. You can directly check the vehicle battery under the hood.
  • Out of Vehicle – can test the independent battery.

At the end of the durable cable are larger-sized clamps than the competition for a more secure fit.

Fast & Accurate & Enjoy Lifetime

Euipped inunique smart chip which makes FOXWELL NT301 Plus battery analyzer provide more than 99.5% precise testing reports just 3 seconds, greatly improved the testing speed and accuracy.

● Easy Steps to Enjoy Free Lifetime Update:

  1. Visit FOXWELL WEB and find NT301 Plus.
  2. Download Update Tool FoxAssist, and install it in your windows(MAC /Apple is not supported currently) is laptop/desktop.
  3. Open FoxAssist and register an account.
  4. Connect your device with your computer via the USB cable and click update menu in your NT301 Plus. Or remove the memory card inside and put it into the card reader, then plug the card reader into computer.
  5. Select Activate and input serial number in FoxAssist app.
  6. Choose the car makes and wait for the downloads untill the process completed. Data manager can also be used to print all the data, screenshots you saved.

Enhanced OBD2 & Battery Tester

Read/Erase Codes&Reset: : Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs). Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes, and resets monitors.

View Freeze Frame/Data Stream: Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically, and stores freeze frame data. Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the e-mi-ssion-related fault occurs.

On-Board Monitor Test: Retrieves and displays test results for powertrain components and systems.

Read VIN: Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc.

Component Test: Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability.

Full OBDII Functions
Diagnostic ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission All Systems Diagnosis: all control systems( Engine/Transmission/SRS/ABS/Chassis/SAS/TPS/ESP/Suspention/Headlamp/Air condition....) All System Diagnosis for Honda Acura until 2022 all available control modules for Benz All Systems Diagnosis: all control systems( Engine/Transmission/SRS/ABS/Chassis/SAS/TPS/ESP/Suspention/Headlamp/Air condition....)
Service Function Reset oil light service, EPB service 8 service reset:ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Oil Reset, SAS Reset, Injector Coding,TPMS Reset,Throttle Relearn... Analyze battery health status, view battery charging status and detect bad cells/battery faults Read/Clear MIL, ABS Bleeding, Airbag, Oil light reset, TPMS, transmission, EPB service, TPMS Reset, D-P-F Regen, CKP Relearn, etc. Read/clear MIL, ABS, Airbag, reset oil light service, TPMS, bleeding, transmission, EPB service, etc for Benz 30+ reset services
Bi-directional Control Tests

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